Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Snow

Yesterday was the first snow of the season! It was beautiful and cold and really felt like winter. I was thinking it might have been fun for the little girl to make her appearance on the first snow day of the season, but nope, she’s too warm and comfy and not ready yet.

We spent the past weekend celebrating Thanksgiving and the holiday season with both sides of our family. It was so much fun. 
Wednesday night we sat outside around a fire pit at Sister #1’s house and then played Pictionary. Thursday morning we went to my parent’s house and cooked and ate and relaxed, and then that afternoon into the night we went to David’s parent’s house where they had some relatives in town. It was such a great time, just relaxing and enjoying everyone’s company. I really tried to soak it in that this was my last holiday with just David and me. Of course I’m mostly excited about that fact, but you know I always think it’s a little bit bittersweet too. I love spending every possible minute with David and I know those minutes are so precious once our daughter is here. I am trying to balance my anxiousness and excitement for her to just get here already with my teeny bouts of sadness that it won’t ever be just the two of us again. It’s a fine balance my friends, especially when I’m tossing and turning in the night and just begging for my water to break.

I have a doctor’s appointment today so cross your fingers for me that I’m still progressing. I am getting pretty uncomfortable and pretty excited all at the same time!

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