Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Snack attack

My yogurt obsession has definitely continued. This week I can't stop eating Chobani black cherry! It is so good. I eat yogurt once a day at least.

I am still obsessed with cucumbers too. Saturday my mother in law made a cucumber salad that she said her parents made and they ate every day in the summer. I have been eating it for lunch every day! It's amazing!

My next appointment is Friday! Please pray for a healthy baby for our sonogram. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Maternity Clothes

I really don't have too many maternity clothes that I have bought. I have borrowed some from a few very generous friends. I hate putting too much money into clothes I will not wear long. I do love buying a few staples that are my own so that I can be extra comfy after work - plus they are for post baby too.

I was looking through my closet this morning and found a pair of white capris I had bought on major sale from Banana Republic last year. These are not maternity but I decided I should squeeze into them while I can. Thank goodness for the hair band trick and long tanks :) If I had found them even a week later I am not sure I would be able to wear them until next summer! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Diaper Bag

You all know about my big bag obsession. You know I'm already thinking about a new diaper bag (one big enough for both kids' needs). My current bag was made by one of my best friends and I love it and it has been perfect for Annabelle. But I don't think it's big enough for two kids.

The minute I find out this baby is a girl I am going to order this bag that I've been eyeing forever (and is on sale right now!).

I love that it has two separate zipper spots - two big compartments and two small ones. That way I can keep things separated a bit.

I'm going to be shocked if this baby is a boy if you can't tell!

18 Weeks!!

18 weeks already!


I can’t believe I am 18 weeks pregnant already. I am really feeling much better. If I don’t get enough sleep, I still get sick the next day. But most days I feel pretty good, if I keep eating and drinking tons of water.


I have kept up with my running and even added swimming into the workout mix. I am loving both. Even with working out, I have gained more weight this time. But I really am okay with it. I feel good and have been eating healthier. I know that my body is changing because of this miracle. I decided to stop commenting on it. I have noticed a lot lately I’ve been telling my friends how much I’ve already gained and feeling insecure. I don’t want to be that way and I would die if someone I loved was talking like that about themselves. So I’m going to work hard to keep feeling good and doing what’s best for me and this little one, and try to not let the weight gain get to me.


Next week is our sonogram! I couldn’t be more excited to see this little one kicking and wiggling on the screen. I feel her all the time – I say her because I’m guessing another girl! – but David hasn’t felt her yet. I am excited for him to see her. We haven’t had a sonogram since 9 weeks. I can’t wait to see our perfect little one again!

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Belle is a messy and fun little 19 month old. David and I are not messy at all. I can’t even go to sleep at night if there is a glass in the sink or a sock in the hallway. I’m not claiming my house is always in perfect condition, just that we really prefer things to be tidy.


I have been trying to not let my OCD ways get in the way of Annabelle exploring, creating, and just getting messy. Over this weekend I realized where I get it from. I was letting Annabelle sit in her chair and explore with some flour. And I could tell my poor mom was just cringing and trying not to “help” her play a little bit cleaner. My mom kept asking me “is this okay?” when Belle would get a little bit messier. I thought she might die when I let Annabelle see what happened to the flour when she added a little bit of water and used her hands to mush it all together.

She was a mess, her highchair was a mess, and my floor was a mess. But for ten minutes, Annabelle was contained and happy while I chatted with my sisters and mom and washed dishes. That’s priceless!


Another thing that she has been loving to do is to “help” me cook. Oh boy. This is messy and it takes twice as long to cook a simple dinner, but I love this time with her. I ask her what colors the ingredients are, if she thinks they will taste sweet or salty, if she thinks she will like them, and just anything I can think of to hear her say her little “yeah!” and “no no!”. She is such a doll and I hope she always wants to help me cook. I daydream about her coming home from school as a 16 year old girl and throwing her backpack on a stool and chatting with me about her day while we cook dinner.

Hopefully I won’t ever mess that up by worrying about a little bit of ricotta cheese on her outfit and my floor.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

16 Weeks or so


Yesterday was my 16 week appointment (I’m actually 17 weeks).


Everything was perfect! The baby’s heart rate is in the 160s (right where Annabelle’s was at this stage so I think it’s another girl). I’m right on track with all my levels and weight gain - already ten pounds! To which I said oh my gosh! but my doctor reassured me that’s perfect and right where I was with Annabelle too.

I can’t believe I’m already this far along! We have our sonogram July 25th and I can’t wait to see our little one. Our office doesn’t do sonograms each visit unless you are high risk, so I’ve only seen our little one once and that was when he or she was a tiny little bean (I think it was 9 weeks). I can’t wait to see this baby wiggling and dancing on the screen.


I have been feeling much better. Yesterday I vomited a lot but I think I was just anxious and excited about the appointment. Other than that, I don’t think I had gotten physically sick for four or five days. I even went on a little two mile run last night. I like to spend my runs daydreaming about the baby so it’s a nice time to reflect and think. This has also helped me sleep better at night. Last night was the first night I would say that I had a great night’s sleep lately.


I have a new obsession: popcorn. I want it every night before bed. It’s so good!

And here is a picture of me and my best little friend just because she is so incredibly adorable.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Make Ahead Lasagna

Now that I am feeling better I have been trying to think ahead and cook more. I am so tired after work and so ready to eat when we get home that I don't have a lot of time to whip things up. I have been trying to make the meat portion of the meal ahead of time if I can. 

Like tonight we had taco pockets from a bean and meat mixture I had frozen from the last time we made this meal.

Tonight after we ate, David played with Belle for some one on one time and I started the meat mixture for tomorrow's lasagna. 

I sautéed onions and spinach and browned a pound of ground beef and threw it together.

Then I browned a pound of Italian sausage and put that in a bowl with a jar of tomato basil sauce. 

Then I threw it all together and put it in the fridge. Now tomorrow night I will just add the cottage cheese, ricotta, mozzarella, and noddles and throw it in the oven. 

This will actually make two lasagnas so I can freeze one! Bam.

Friday, July 4, 2014

What I'm Craving Friday

Yep, I made that title up. But this week I can't get enough of ice water with fresh squeezed lime juice and coconut milk Greek style yogurt. This is my favorite brand of yogurt and ice cream.

I'm also still spreading almond butter on everything! 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

16 Weeks

I am getting big fast this time! I am finally feeling pretty consistently good. It seems like as long as I get enough sleep, I feel pretty good the next day.

I have been feeling good enough to run again and then that makes me feel even better.

I had my wellness screening yesterday for work and it went perfect. All of my labs are great and even my weight and BMI.

This is a picture of being pregnant with Annabelle at 16 weeks and now 16 weeks for baby #2. I think I'm carrying differently this time - not just that I'm bigger, but I think it looks higher and wider. 

My Cutest Firecracker

My friend was here last 4th of July and left this little outfit for Annabelle. Her daughter had just worn it and I couldn't imagine that Annabelle would ever fit into it. It's even more amazing to me that I stored it for a whole year...I'm usually bad about this.

Favorite things

I was talking to my also pregnant friend last night and she was asking some advice on baby products that she will need since this is her first pregnancy. She was talking about how stressful it is to pick a brand or item, and how she has done hours and hours of research. I totally remember those days. I would get so stressed out about which swaddle or pacifier to order. I was trying to remind her that it won’t matter and that she is such a great mom. And then I realized that maybe I should be stressing a little bit more! I honestly hadn’t even thought about all of that again. Maybe it’s because I know so much more now that I’ve been through this newborn thing once.


But it did start me thinking about which items I wouldn’t want to live without. We didn’t have too many panics once Belle was here, but there were a few things that I had to send people out to buy or that I would run out of and be stressed about. So I thought, in case it’s helpful to anyone else, or at least so that I can remember to stock up ahead of time, I would make a quick list of what I consider to be necessities from the start.


Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Cream. I have sang the praises of this product on here multiple times, but I truly believe it is what allowed me to continue breastfeeding. I buy it for all new mommas and will stock up myself towards the end of this pregnancy. I hated Lanolin and so did Belle. So I always tell new moms to maybe have a couple of different things on hand like this in case your baby refuses to nurse at any trace amounts left on you.


A Boppy and multiple Boppy covers. I didn’t take my Boppy to the hospital last time because I thought I would just use pillows. Oh boy. As the  nurse on day two told me so herself, I had no idea what I was doing when trying to nurse (Yes, I broke down and cried when she said that!). One of my struggles was that Annabelle had an IV in, but even then, I really think I was so uncomfortable trying to position twenty hospital pillows correctly at 2 am when I had no idea what to do. Once I got home, that Boppy became my best friend and I used it for the first 6 months! You definitely want lots of covers. Just take my word for it. My baby was messy.


Swaddle blankets. Soooo. No one really told me that when you are changing your baby’s diaper in the middle of the night, they will probably pee when you first open their diaper and the cold air hits them. This took me way too long to figure out what was going on. That first night, let’s just say we went through all of our swaddle blankets and I was in a panic that I didn’t have more. I l.o.v.e LOVE Aiden and Anais. This is not sponsored, but I wish it was. Aiden and Anais, you should sponsor me because I love these blankets and give them to everyone as new baby gifts. I still keep one in Annabelle’s diaper bag, in her room, and in the car. They are the best! And they are especially amazing for new babies. They are the perfect weight and so cute. I could only swaddle with these.


Once we stopped swaddling we moved right to the Aiden and Anais sleep sacks. I used these for probably way too long. But I love them! I would still have her use them if she would let me. Now I just go in her room multiple times a night to cover her back up. I hate thinking she might be cold.

A caddy. I kept things for Annabelle in one side and things for me in the other and carried this thing all over the house with me when Belle was first born. I would keep snacks, my Earth Mama cream, chapstick, and journal in one side for me. And diapers, burp cloth, pacis (even though she didn’t take one), onesie in the other for her. I loved having all of these things right with me so that when I’d get up to nurse in the night and watch Gossip Girl (woops) I could just grab Annabelle and this caddy and be ready. Did I mention that it took Annabelle 45 minutes to nurse each time for the first few months. Wow, I watched a lot of Gossip Girl.

This is the exact style I have, but of course mine is purple.


One piece footy pajamas that zip. This is total preference, but we had some gowns last time for easy diaper changes, but her socks never stayed on so I worried she was cold, and I had to completely unswaddle her anyway so she was awake. She never really did that sleepy nursing and fall right back to sleep anyway. And trying to button up a million little snaps or buttons in the night drove me crazy. I just prefer the zipper jammies and I still do. She sometimes wears some two piece, big girl jammies to bed now, and I go in and check on her a million times through the night and pull the shirt down or the legs down because I hate when he skin is exposed. She might not sleep better in one piece, zippered pajamas, but I sure do.


A box fan. I love a box fan to sleep with personally. I don’t care for sound machines as much because I like the box fan to keep the air moving in her room. I don’t point it at her, I just like it running because it makes the air seem fresher and not so stagnant. Plus I love the sound. I think the box fan drowns out sounds when a noise machine just adds background noise. Annabelle can sleep through anything with a box fan running.


A journal. I can tell you that I honestly still write in her journal a few times a week. I love it. But when she was really small, it helped keep me sane. Now of course, all of the writing is so fun to look back on, but at the time, I did it just because it felt like the only thing that gave me a little bit of control and organization. I would write down when she nursed, when she slept, when she pottied, etc. And then I would write her little notes about what she did that day. It definitely helped me because there were times that I had no idea when the last time she ate was or if she had pottied recently. I was in such a haze those first few days, that it was important for me to write that stuff down.


I will keep adding to this, but this is for sure what I would recommend to any new mom.


Monday, June 30, 2014

Holiday Week!

You all know how I love celebrating holidays all week long. Independence Day is right up there on my list of very favorite holidays. Okay, so I don’t love fireworks. My husband thinks I’m a grumpy old woman. I glare out my window on work nights when kids are still setting them off at midnight on work nights, but I will do better this year – I will try not to glare.


But I absolutely love celebrating our freedom, praying for those who are fighting for it (and their amazing families), watching “coming home” videos, and cooking out.


I received the usual text first thing this morning from Sister #2. We share any good stations we can find that coincide with our holiday weeks. It helps keep me in the right frame of mind while at work.

I turned my Pandora on as soon as I logged in and started the day with this goldie.

And of course, Miss Belle, will have five days (at least) of 4th of July outfits. Day 1 (and my adorable husband). 


Friday, June 27, 2014

15 Weeks

I can’t believe I’m already in my second trimester. I would have said I was feeling a little bit better but this has been a pretty rough and vomitty week. I think it’s because I haven’t been getting enough sleep or rest.

I have a doctor’s appointment next week so I will know more, but I read the baby is the size of an apple. And I have felt some fluttering. At first I wasn’t sure that’s what was happening, but now it has been four times, the exact same feeling. The first time I was in the bathroom at work, washing my hands and I stopped and held really still. The next three times were while I was holding little miss Belle. I think the baby loves his or her big sister so much already!

I have been living on this little treasure lately! I put it on everything! Bagels, apples, carrots, really anything I can find!

This picture is from June 26, 2012 and June 26, 2014. I am definitely sticking out quicker this time! But I love it!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ice Cream Sandwiches

One of our favorite sweets is ice cream – anything ice cream!  My mother in law makes this delicious little ice cream sandwiches and she gave me the secret weapon to borrow.

They are so simple. You just need cookies and ice cream. We switch up the flavors. I am keeping this idea on the back burner too for when I’m nursing. With Annabelle I couldn’t eat dairy, but I can make these with dairy free cookies and coconut milk ice cream!

You put a cookie in the bottom:

Put a big scoop of ice cream:


And a swirl of chocolate syrup if you are my husband:


Then add the top cookie:


And smoosh:


Soooo yummy!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I am thinking that over the next few months this title will keep reappearing. It seems like all I do is snack. But when you've been sick and vomiting for ten weeks and you find something yummy, you just have to share.

Today I am snacking on these chips while running from meeting to meeting. I might have to go back for another bag!