Tuesday, October 14, 2014

31 Weeks and a Fun Weekend

Today I’m already 31 weeks along. This Friday marks two months form our due date. I can’t believe it.

We finished painting Annabelle’s room last week and have been airing it out and adding details. (Pictures to come.) I am making her one of those ribbon picture hanger thingys. I don’t know what they are called. And we have her sheets and quilt all ready. And all of her clothes are moved to her new closet. I am not sure when I will actually pull the trigger and move her. I am trying to keep her a baby for a bit longer. But it’s nice to have her room almost done because that means that I can work on the nursery. I can’t even express my joy and excitement about having my two girls here so soon.


Speaking of my other girl (who has a name but we just don’t want to announce it yet), she’s doing great! We had an appointment Friday and her heart rate is 140s, maybe 150 which is just perfect. I hadn’t gained any weight since the last appointment (just two weeks ago) and my stomach was measuring at about 28 weeks instead of almost 31. My doctor didn’t seemed concerned about this at all. I was in shock only because I was thinking that I was huge and would measure big. I feel her moving around all the time! Like all the time. I am at peace that she’s completely fine and that the measurements just aren’t too accurate.

This past weekend was so special and fun. Sister #2 was in town, Sister #1 and my mom came over for bagels, we celebrated a dear friend and her baby boy at a baby shower, went to the orchard, and spent time relaxing. I told Annabelle a hundred times how she truly was my best little friend.

I love dragging her everywhere with me and I love how talkative she is. She tells me full stories now – well in pieces, but I help her fill in the blanks. She is just such an amazing little girl. I made her dress like me today and was thinking about how much fun it will be to dress my girls alike soon enough.

I hope you have a great Fall week friends! Tonight is Tiny Tot Town. I am always curious if Annabelle will love these types of events and she always surprises me. She seems to have little to no social anxiety like I do, so I try to be sure to get out of my comfort zone and take her to these events. She’s so fun!


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