Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Post Not About a Book - woops

I know what the basis of this blog is and I know what I'm supposed to blog about. However, I have this awesome friend that I love to be around. She is one of those women that can only be described as that girl that some girls hate for being so perfect. She is gorgeous, funny, and smart. She has a beautiful family, runs marathons with her adoring husband, makes her own jewelry, uses all natural food and cleaning supplies, and she has written and published a book for goodness sake – of course she is my idol. I will never be able to tell her that I have this blog because she would never forgive me for saying all these things, because on top of everything I just told you, she is the most gracious person I have ever met.
Okay, so to get on with it, we had lunch today and now I’m even more inspired to Get Real about my health. I have referenced before in this blog her published book I was just talking about. It’s called Preventing Cancer: God’s Way. She is a hero. She is serious about health. And I mean serious. So imagine my surprise when she told me today that her and her husband are giving P90X a try. And by “giving it a try” I’m sure she means giving it 100% of her efforts. She’s not someone to give something a try on a whim and then soon quit it. And she’s not someone to do something like this because it’s a fad.
She has been doing it for a week and claims that if you can make it through the first two nights of sleepless sleep because you are in so much pain, that you can do it. She said that it’s not just a workout, it’s a complete life altering diet and bad habit breaker. I’m thinking she had no bad habits to begin with, but I didn’t push her on that topic.
So, I’m not saying I’m going to do it, and I’m not saying it’s something you should do, and I’m not saying it works for everyone. I’m just saying that my adorable husband told me I should talk to her about this over lunch and is very interested. And I am very interested in things that he is very interested in. Let’s leave it at that. And very soon, I will again be writing about Harry Potter. But I am only on book four and afraid you might not share my "it really is all about Harry" passion.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

House Project Previews as Promised

I finished two projects this month! We hung curtains on all the windows..

These are the ones in our room:

These are the dining room above the fireplace:

And these are the spare room:

Speaking of the spare room, notice the beautiful white chair rail and paint (avoid noticing the clutter; I didn't say that decorating the spare room was one of the projects I had completed yet).

Here is the before of the spare room:

Icky dark blue on the bottom, boring brown chair rail, and scratched up beige on the top.

A different view:

And now, the after of that view:

And the light and airy green with white chair rail and shelves.
Ta dah!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Baseball Season!!

After Christmas, this is my favorite season. David kicked off the season last night with heavy duty, extreme fantasy baseball recruiting. And we are kicking off the season together with the first Saturday home game for the Royals this weekend!
Here is one tailgate snack I can't wait to try out:

Get Serious

Get Serious
For weeks or months – I’m not sure, maybe years – I have eaten the same thing for breakfast, ran the same distance at the same pace every morning, and eaten almost the same thing for lunch, eaten similar things for dinner and eaten a mug of ice cream for a snack. Every day. Just recently, I started changing this up a bit, but not in a good way. The eating part has gotten worse and the running part has stayed the same. This adds up to results I am not happy with.
I have gotten away from taking vitamins, eating fruits and veggies at every meal, and pushing myself in my workout. I have gotten myself into a comfortable, ice cream induced coma rut.
I noticed today at my 9:10 minute mile pace, 20 minutes into my run, that I wasn’t breathing heavy. Not at all. And I’m not bragging about this – I am completely embarrassed that I have gotten up every day at 5:20 and ran three miles only to realize that I’m not doing what’s best for my body. My body would argue that I should just stay in bed. I have done nothing but gain weight in the past few weeks and could not figure out why…yes, I’m a little slow.
So today, this beautiful Monday, I am getting serious about my health. And from inspiration from a few blogs I have been reading consistently, I’m going to let you in my world so you can hold me accountable. I am making tiny changes and I will let you know the honest results. And if there are no results, you can hold me to my word and remind me to get serious.
Today I finished my run with fifteen minutes at 8:50 instead of my usual 9:10 pace.
And today I am not eating ice cream…or cookies…or starbursts or skittles – maybe tomorrow, but today I’m giving my body a  break.
And tonight I will post before and after pictures of our spare room – it’s now green with white trim!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I love Goop

Have I ever mentioned in this blog that I love Gwyneth Paltrow's blog, Goop? Well I do. And I love this article she posted recently.

Is this totally against all blog etiquette to post so many links to other people's blogs? Oh well.

Be Passionate in Your Commitment

There is a billboard directly south of the area where I have to turn into work each morning that reads: Get Involved Doing Something You Love. It’s a picture of an older man with a young boy smiling. I’m not sure who it’s an ad for and I don’t think it matters.
What a great way to start my day each morning. I am sure that sometimes I do not feel like going to work. I am sure that some days I would rather stay home, or work in a bookstore, or drink coffee on my porch, or sleep in…and the list of ors just keeps going. However, I am passionate about working hard and I am passionate about trying to be happy each day and I am passionate about my team and what we are trying to accomplish. And I am passionate about the fact that my attitude about my job, or my marriage, or my friendships, or my health, or my money (and more and more ors again) sets the stage for the day.
Today I am worried about some things at work. Nothing big, just normal work anxieties. I am reading a book that is supposed to help train me to train others to accept organizational change. Wow. Of course there is anxiety in that. For me and for those who have to change. I opened the book and the first chapter is Be Passionate In Your Commitment. So I have been thinking that if I’m doing something I love and I am passionate in my commitment to that, I am on the right track.
One more point. Each morning I run to some fabulous songs that make me want to stop running right that moment and go out and get things done. One line I love is from Garth Brooks’s “Standing Outside the Fire.” The line that says “life is not tried it is merely survived if you’re standing outside the fire.” Yep, I just got chills. And the other one I wanted to share with you while these thoughts of being passionate in my commitments are swirling around my head, is from the Sugarland song “I Ain’t Settlin” and says, “Find what it means to be the girl – change her mind and change the world.”
I am not exactly sure how to tie all of this together. I just had to share that it works for me. Whatever I am supposed to be learning from the billboard, from this book, from artists I love, and from my positive, brilliant, and hard working husband I feel like I’m learning.
I will let you know what that is whenever I figure it out. Maybe it won’t be until I’m 26 since some people have told me that 25 is the year you figure out a lot of things. I’ll keep ya posted.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Project Plans Updated

A little over two weeks ago I bored you all with my house ideas. Just be happy that I didn’t actually download the project plan itself and post it here (However, if you would like a copy just let me know). I thought it was fair, in true planning form, to check myself and the progress I have made.
Let me start by saying that I never finish a thought before going on to the next one. And I found some inspiration for this post in my dear friend’s blog. She is honest in her blog and has taught me that if you write something down knowing other people are reading it, you might be more accountable for it. I was thinking back to posts I have written here. And I realized that you might think that I don’t complete much. However, it is mainly that I don’t tell you that I completed it. First of all, I don’t quit books. I don’t begin them and not finish them. However, I do begin them, finish them, and dislike some and don’t feel like wasting another post on them. And I do not start projects and quit halfway through them – just ask my adorable husband who was sick yesterday, had played three basketball games, gone to church and Sunday school with me, and for the life of him just wanted to sit down for a minute, but noooo-oo. I just had to have him hang my new curtain rods so I could hang the new curtains I finally decided on and purchased. So yeah, I finished that project but forgot to tell you I finished it because I was already on to my next project – making the best homemade cookies of any wife for her adorable husband so when he finished hanging the curtain rods and returned from his basketball championship, he would have warm chocolate chip cookies to come home to and would like the new curtains just a tad bit more than when he left.
Where was I?
Oh yeah. So I do finish all these books and projects that I talk about on here. What I don’t finish is a thought…and most of the time a full post.
So…back to my project plan from two weeks ago:
- So I haven’t planted my vegetables yet. Not because I’m not ready to, but because everyone is advising against it. I have bought the seeds though and have looked at them each night, just waiting for it to be the right time. So as soon as people don’t frown upon it, I am ready to plant carrots, lettuce, radishes, and marigolds (my mom said this keeps bugs away..) And then from plants instead of seeds, I will get the tomatoes and peppers going
- the “wallpaper” in the spare room is not wallpaper and instead is paint. Who knew? I bought the wallpaper remover, sprayed it on a piece of the so called wallpaper, only to find that nope, it is paint. I haven’t painted, but I have brought home one billion samples of green paint…
- I haven’t removed the wallpaper border from our room, but only because I am so indecisive about what color I want our room to be. I am thinking the icy blue will look like a little baby boy room – which I’m okay with, but not for our room…I’m thinking back to khaki for our room…this is a dilemma though since I just bought and hung khaki like curtains (I just stuck my bottom lip out and pretend blew air up to my bangs – which I don’t have)
- Okay, the downstairs office is a complete fail at the moment. We haven’t even started this project. Worst. Wife. Ever.
- Do I even need to address the reading room – it is still storage
- We think we have some solid ideas for the front porch, but this deserves an entire post for itself
- as for decorating the entire house…we’re on it
I know you didn’t really ask, but I felt the need to update you.
Oh, and you need to follow my dear friend’s blog who is going to kill me for giving out the link but you deserve to read it – it’s that good! So Ashley, sorry in advance:

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Last night we had dinner with two of our friends and their adorable kids. My cute friend is an amazing mom and I admire her. And I admire that she makes her own chocolate chip cookies.

I decided that if she can do that without burning the house down (her nine year old informed me this has almost happened twice...Sorry Molly, I had to tell) I could give it a try.

Obviously, my mixer disagreed with this adventure. Don't worry, that's not smoke, it's just flour. But when I was adding it in, I was sure it was smoke and almost quit.

 Completed cookie batter!

Cookies - rounded tablespoons full that is.

Done!! Now I just have to wait for my cute husband to get home from the CHS alumni basketball championship..hopefully he's ready to celebrate with baked goods.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Better things to do than my to do list anyway...

Each night this week I made a to do list that included measure all the curtainless windows in our house and buy curtains, finish all thank you notes (we have less than 15 to go and our one month anniversary is tomorrow), and clean this house. Well, the windows do not have curtains and the curtains aren't ordered because I can't make a decision. And there are still 12 people out there without thank you notes (to those twelve, I dedicate this to you and apologize). But, the windows are measured and I'm looking through Pottery Barn, Pier 1, Bed Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barrel, and Macy's for inspiration. I also have babysat my two perfect angel nephews, watched CHS alumni basketball, went to dinner with my wonderful parents, went to dinner with my perfect husband and my adorable brother-in-law, and read and got in bed early enough each night to wake up and run at 5:30 and work all day.
So I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure this week was a huge success. Oh, and I fell more in love with my little baby dog (the 4 year old, 80 pound lab) who is snuggled up with me helping me decide on spare room curtain options.
Have a wonderful weekend friends.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Blog I Love

Ha-larious blog you should follow:


This weekend was beautiful! Friday night my husband and I sat on our deck and had a beer before going to dinner with the best in laws. Seriously, I have the best in laws. I have a beautiful sister in law who just possibly could be the sweetest girl in the world, and her husband reminds me of a biblical character – the way he is up for any projects and handy work you need done and willing to give to anyone that needs anything. And you know my parents in law, right? There’s no way you don’t because they have probably given you some gift or money or compliment at some point. And my brother Joe, I mean come on!, he is the funniest and most genuine guy in the world. I am just said David’s oldest brother and his wife aren’t here to join us in things like Spring Dinners on Barry Road. What was I talking about…
Oh yes, so then we followed up our wonderful Friday with a wonderful Saturday of relaxing, reading, and going to a parade. Only to end our Saturday with a cookout with our best friends at my parent’s house. Sunday, we went to church and Sunday school together, finished our taxes, and spring cleaned.
I know this seems like a checklist or diary entry, and maybe it should have been that instead of a post you don’t care about, but I do have a point. My point is: What did you do this weekend to welcome spring? And then, how mad were you when you woke up at 5:15 this morning for your run and found snow on the ground? Eek. Usually I try to love snow. But I was less than thrilled that my mom’s turtle, Spud, was wrong.
You see, yesterday my mom called to tell me to get cleaning because Spud was eating again! I guess this is the way she gages whether or not, despite the parades and 60 degree temperatures, it really is spring. So once I had the go ahead from her and Spud, I knew it was here.
And although my mom and Spud lied (which has NEVER happened to me – the mom part, not the turtle lying, he could lie all the time for all I know), and although I put away all my winter boots, and although usually I would be pretty upset about all of this, I’m not. Because it’s March. Basketball March Madness starts this Thursday. And my husband and I are ignoring the snow and having hot dogs for dinner (Don’t worry, I bought 100% turkey dogs for me and 100% beef with no fillers for him).
I hope you have a wonderful March Madness week!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Health and Happiness

Sister number 2 just started her blog ( and it has helped inspire me to get healthy again! I know this isn't entirely true, but I think I helped make myself sick. I stayed home from work today with something the doctor said was some sort of cold, flu, sinus infection...I don't even know what that means, but I know I am not the healthiest I can be.

David and I have eaten anything and everything in site since our wedding. I have been splurging and feeling not great every single day. So now is the time to feel great again.

I will also record some of my tips here in case you, like me, need some motivation.
I used to run every single day, eat no red meat, and eat tons of fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats - cheeses and peanut butter (my staples). I'm starting that again...TOMORROW.

Oh, and I get to finish Harry Potter book three tonight. Oh. Man. It is goooood!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not Skinny Tuesday

I wish there was a carnival today in St Joe the way there are often carnivals to celebrate Fat Tuesday.
I know there was a parade downtown last Saturday because we went to dinner at an Italian restaurant that shall remain nameless since the only press I would give it was not good. Not good at all. But other than that, I don’t know that there is a lot of celebrating going on in our area. And I’m not so sure that those people who are celebrating know why they are doing so. I’m not sure that anyone gorging on sweets and fats and alcohol will be fasting starting tomorrow. But maybe they will. Either way, I just wanted to tell you all what I’m celebrating today.
It’s my Birthday Eve! That’s right – tomorrow I am 25. And as an almost 25 year old, I can tell you that life is wonderful and I feel so blessed and so excited for each year. I always love my Birthday, but last year had to be the absolute best birthday ever.
Last year my Birthday was on  a Tuesday. This is great for so many reasons. Last year was also the year that I dubbed Tuesdays the best day of the week, along with my friends Jenna, Ty, Blake, and Laura. We decided that instead of hating Tuesdays because they weren’t Mondays when you can openly complain at work about it being another Monday, and they aren’t toward the end of the week and heck, they aren’t even mid-week, that we would love them. So we got together every Tuesday night to celebrate absolutely nothing.  Tuesday was also the day that Cerner served the best taco salad you will ever have in your entire life. Every Tuesday, to this day, I daydream about driving the hour drive just for lunch. It’s so wonderful. On top of that, last year, my 24th Birthday my David proposed.
I rushed home after work to have a glass of wine with Abby and David and found David slaving away in the kitchen. He made salmon and bought cheesecakes from the Cheesecake Factory. It was the most romantic and special Birthday I had ever had. And then, to top it off, he asked me to share his life with him forever.
And that’s when I realized that all this time, all the celebrating and best days I had had, were nothing compared to this. I have had a wonderful life, but I had no idea how wonderful it really could and would be. And now, sitting here on my 25th Birthday Eve, on Fat Tuesday, I can’t believe that I ever lived one day without him.
And so, I am not giving anything up for lent, I will do some fasting that I will not share with you here, and I will cherish each day by focusing on thanking God for these past 25 years, and thanking God that until last year on my Birthday, I had no idea what he had in store for me or how amazing it would be. So this year during Lent, among giving up things, fasting, I will be thanking God for my marriage and for my perfect partner, my husband, David.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Project Plans

I find a lot of reasons to lose sleep. If you know me a teeny bit even, you know that stress seems to be a hobby of mine. I promise I am working on it, and I promise I know it is a sin (mom), and that it is one of the three main causes of disease (David), and that it is really annoying (blog followers). So I promise I really am working on it. And now that the wedding is over (insert sad face here) and we are beginning our married life together (insert absurdly toothy happy face here) I have already begun losing sleep and talking to anyone I run into and is willing to talk to me for a minute about our house and all of the things I should be doing to make it a home. I know for a fact that less than two weeks into marriage, I absolutely must drive my husband crazy with my project lists. In fact, I create project lists all day every day at work and then I am quite sure I make them in my sleep at night. For example, my wonderful husband brought lunch to my boss, coworker, and me today and within ten minutes I was rambling off my questions that range from normal person lunch conversations like, "so when should I plant snap peas?" to annoying new wife questions like, "so, do you happen to have a spreadsheet showing how I need to go about painting each room in my house? You don't?? I thought you said you had done this before?"
You get the point, and the point might be that I will be single soon if I don't stop ruining everyone's relaxing lunches.
Just in case you are still reading and happen to be interested in my project list, here it is. I will include updates and pictures as I go. And in case it needs to be said because you didn't already notice, I have the most patient and wonderful husband in the world.

- plant (after figuring out the correct times and locations in my yard to do so) peas, green beans, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, and some thrilling new vegetable my boss just told me about over lunch that is like a radish
- remove wallpaper from and paint the spare room green... Samples to follow
- remove wallpaper from and paint our room icy blue... Ive read this is a calming color.. Again, samples to follow
- finish the downstairs office for the wonderful husband
- finish my reading room downstairs so the wonderful husband doesn't lose his patience and I can work on these project lists
- get estimates to build front porch (plus find the perfect front porch furniture)
- decorate entire house ... Yep, you don't want the microlist version that goes with this bulleted point

And that's it in a nutshell. I of course need to unpack, unwrap, and write thank you notes for our fairy tale wedding. But what kind of list maker would I be if I wasn't already planning my next few projects before that list was completed?
If you see my new husband out somewhere, please buy him a drink and don't tell him about your to do list.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blogs I love

I read four or five blogs pretty consistently and of the famous people who blog, I love gwyneth paltrow's the most. Here is a post I particularly love because she sites yet another one of my favorite blogs in it:

And of the not as famous people that I love to read, I recommend you check out Laura Nelson's blog and Suzy Williams's. I am addicted to both.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March, Married, and Madly in Love

Happy March everyone! I love March the most and I have a feeling I will really love this March the most because WE ARE MARRIED!
I have some married lady goals that are beyond reading all of the Harry Potter books (although I am in the middle of book three and I have to say I lah-ove it!).
I want to learn to grocery shop so that I can cook and bake, and I want to be the most supportive wife anyone has ever met!
Tonight I cleaned up a little and warmed up our leftover pizza (yes I know this isn't cooking) while I waited for David..My Husband! get home from an initial interview/meeting at Moila so we can join the golf course and country club. And I loved it. I was just thinking about how wonderful it is to be a wife and to try to make My Husband happy. I just can't wait to wake up each day and know that David is My Husband and I get to spend each minute with him.
Okay, I know this is turning into a diary entry and you are probably annoyed and rolling your eyes - but I just had to get it out there. I am so in love with My Husband and so excited that it's March and I'm a wife.