Friday, March 4, 2011

Project Plans

I find a lot of reasons to lose sleep. If you know me a teeny bit even, you know that stress seems to be a hobby of mine. I promise I am working on it, and I promise I know it is a sin (mom), and that it is one of the three main causes of disease (David), and that it is really annoying (blog followers). So I promise I really am working on it. And now that the wedding is over (insert sad face here) and we are beginning our married life together (insert absurdly toothy happy face here) I have already begun losing sleep and talking to anyone I run into and is willing to talk to me for a minute about our house and all of the things I should be doing to make it a home. I know for a fact that less than two weeks into marriage, I absolutely must drive my husband crazy with my project lists. In fact, I create project lists all day every day at work and then I am quite sure I make them in my sleep at night. For example, my wonderful husband brought lunch to my boss, coworker, and me today and within ten minutes I was rambling off my questions that range from normal person lunch conversations like, "so when should I plant snap peas?" to annoying new wife questions like, "so, do you happen to have a spreadsheet showing how I need to go about painting each room in my house? You don't?? I thought you said you had done this before?"
You get the point, and the point might be that I will be single soon if I don't stop ruining everyone's relaxing lunches.
Just in case you are still reading and happen to be interested in my project list, here it is. I will include updates and pictures as I go. And in case it needs to be said because you didn't already notice, I have the most patient and wonderful husband in the world.

- plant (after figuring out the correct times and locations in my yard to do so) peas, green beans, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, and some thrilling new vegetable my boss just told me about over lunch that is like a radish
- remove wallpaper from and paint the spare room green... Samples to follow
- remove wallpaper from and paint our room icy blue... Ive read this is a calming color.. Again, samples to follow
- finish the downstairs office for the wonderful husband
- finish my reading room downstairs so the wonderful husband doesn't lose his patience and I can work on these project lists
- get estimates to build front porch (plus find the perfect front porch furniture)
- decorate entire house ... Yep, you don't want the microlist version that goes with this bulleted point

And that's it in a nutshell. I of course need to unpack, unwrap, and write thank you notes for our fairy tale wedding. But what kind of list maker would I be if I wasn't already planning my next few projects before that list was completed?
If you see my new husband out somewhere, please buy him a drink and don't tell him about your to do list.

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