Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March, Married, and Madly in Love

Happy March everyone! I love March the most and I have a feeling I will really love this March the most because WE ARE MARRIED!
I have some married lady goals that are beyond reading all of the Harry Potter books (although I am in the middle of book three and I have to say I lah-ove it!).
I want to learn to grocery shop so that I can cook and bake, and I want to be the most supportive wife anyone has ever met!
Tonight I cleaned up a little and warmed up our leftover pizza (yes I know this isn't cooking) while I waited for David..My Husband!...to get home from an initial interview/meeting at Moila so we can join the golf course and country club. And I loved it. I was just thinking about how wonderful it is to be a wife and to try to make My Husband happy. I just can't wait to wake up each day and know that David is My Husband and I get to spend each minute with him.
Okay, I know this is turning into a diary entry and you are probably annoyed and rolling your eyes - but I just had to get it out there. I am so in love with My Husband and so excited that it's March and I'm a wife.

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