Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Use it well

David and I, surrounded by our most wonderful families and beautiful, loving friends, got married three days ago. I promise to keep this short because at the moment I am sitting in sunny Las Vegas, drinking my coffee on the balcony, and reading, actually finishing is more accurate, the first Harry Potter book. Harry receives his invisibility cloak with the gentle advice to "use it well" and I keep thinking of the bible verse that goes something like those who have been given much must give much in return. I have been given everything. I honestly have the best parents and sisters in the world and just married the only man who could have argued that no, his siblings and parents are the best. And I would have agreed. Our families made our wedding a fairy tale. Every single detail was absolutely perfect. I cant explain how the toasts from our siblings made me feel. I have four sisters that love me dearly and will always stick up for me and David? I have two brothers that have loved and accepted me from the minute I walked into their parents house? I have a father in law who thinks I walk on water and a mother in law who can't stop thanking God for me for her son? I have a mother that has been my best friend since the day I was born and never let me even talk about money or the time she gave for this wedding? I have a dad who wouldn't always admit it,except for during a father daughter dance, that thinks he can see where my wings were supposed to go? How did tge smartest, most caring and gentle man in the world pick me to marry just three days ago? How on earth am I this blessed and how on earth will I side it well to give so much in return for what I have been given?

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