Monday, February 7, 2011

Is Cheese a Vegetable?

Abby and I are doing a detox/diet/punishment.
Abby calls it a detox. But Abby also could kick your butt in kick boxing, eats healthier than anyone in the world, and just rocks overall.
To me, it’s a diet because I can’t do it to the extreme amount of calling it a detox. If I was strong enough it would be a detox. But I’m not.
So here’s how it goes (in theory).
From the minute you wake up until noon you eat all the fruit you want. You can’t add sugar and you can’t mix it with other things like yogurt. Just straight up fruit.
Then from noon until eight pm you eat all the veggies you want. This is my favorite (and only doable) part. You can eat all the sweet potatoes, avocadoes, tomatoes, and lovely green veggies you want. You just can’t dip them in ranch (sigh), add sour cream to them (bigger sigh), or dip them in peanut butter (biggest sigh).
And you can’t eat cheese.
You see, this is where you lose me. I don’t know if I can go ten days without cheese.
I know you think I am exaggeharting (unless you know me really well…or at all..okay nevermind, you don’t think I’m exaggerating), but no cheese and no peanut butter…I might not make it to my big day (which is in 12 days if you are counting J ).
Okay, so you get what this is supposed to look like, and you get how weak I am. So now I can confess that Abby is doing it. She is going to try it and I already made her sign a release that I can post about this. But I can’t do it completely. I am starting with waking up and having a bowl of cereal or oatmeal. Then following the rules until noon. And then I will have a half of a peanut butter sandwich and follow the rest of the rules. Fruits all morning, veggies all afternoon and night. I am giving myself two cheats so I don’t pass out, and so that I don’t make the last 12 days of our engagement hell on my adorable fiancĂ©. I’m a little cranky when I’m hungry.
So here it goes. Wish me luck. And bring my cheese as a wedding gift!

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