Monday, December 31, 2012

Baby Bell's Birth Story

I feel like I will never forget the day we met Annabelle Kayle Richmond, but I know the details might fade over time. I want to record them here just in case.

On Tuesday, December 4th, I went to my doctor's appointment, hoping I was progressed enough to head to the hospital. I was so uncomfortable and anxious to meet our little girl. The doctor said she would induce me at any time, and I thought I would have taken her up on this, but I knew deep down I wanted to go into labor on my own. And she guessed that I would, and soon. In fact, she told us that if it happened that night to tell the doctors to page her because she wanted to deliver our little one. She wasn't right that it was that night, but it was about 30 hours later!

On December 5th I started having more painful contractions. However, they were spaced far apart and were not consistent. I had a feeling it might be soon, but I didn't know just how soon it would be. December 6th is my nephew's Birthday, my boss's Birthday, and Sister #2 was in Texas...I should have known this would be the day.

I woke up throughout the night with contractions, but just went to the bathroom and went back to bed. At 4:45 a.m. I woke up with one, went to the bathroom, and my water broke on the toilet! For some reason I wasn't completely sure that was what happened, so I tried to go back to bed....that lasted about two minutes. I woke up my husband and decided to jump in the shower. We tried to take our time getting ready, but we were so excited! We got to the hospital by 6 a.m.

The first 2 1/2 hours were very painful. I had decided I wanted to try to not have an epidural. My doctor had told me to get to the hospital as soon as my water broke because she knew my labor would be quick. By the time I got there my contractions were already 2 and 3 minutes apart. I didn't have much time to rest between them. I was in so much pain. I quickly changed my mind about the epidural. :) After I received this help the day was much more enjoyable. Every hour I had progressed another centimeter.

The labor and delivery went smoothly without any help with pitocin. About 30 minutes before it was time to push, my doctor, who had the day off, showed up and scolded us for not having them call her in. We just felt too bad on her day off. She was so happy she made it in time and was there for the entire delivery. When it was time to push, my epidural had run out and instead of changing to a new one, they encouraged me to try pushing and delivery without it. My nurse said I had about a half hour until the effects wore off. If that isn't enough motivation to push, then I don't know what is.

Sweet Annabelle Kayle was born a loud, happy, chubby, and hairy baby at 3:46 p.m. I couldn't believe how I felt about her. Everyone says you are so in love the minute you see them, but it's an understatement. They gave her to me the second she was born and I couldn't stand for them to take her away. They had to suction out her lungs and do a couple of tests and I just couldn't stop staring at her over with the doctor and David. David was too overjoyed to go out and tell our families...he finally ran out of the room to anxious family member and shouted "7, 13!" This is what she weighed. It's all he could get out. He is such a proud dadda.

Annabelle was born with a fever. She had to have tests done. Later that night her bloodwork showed an elevated white blood count. The scariest three hours of our life happened once they came to tell us about this test and take our newborn away for more tests. You can imagine we were a wreck. Finally our doctor came in to tell us she was confident everything was fine (which it was as we would find out later that day) and to give us some peace. They brought our baby back to us with an IV and her arm braced so she could have fluids and antibiotics. It was a long day, trying to learn how to nurse and trying not to worry. Whatever her little body was fighting was beat by that afternoon. She is a healthy and strong baby!

We had a wonderful stay in the hospital, a perfect labor and delivery story, and have loved our little girl every minute of her life. We came home to a house full of food and balloons and signs on Saturday December 8th. I never knew how this would feel and no one can prepare you for it. Welcome to our family Annabelle Kayle Richmond.

On our way to the hospital!

Our first meeting

She has just wanted to be held and cuddled since the beginning

With our beautiful doctor

New Year's Eve

There has been a silly commercial on TV recapping this year in photos. Okay, I wish I could honestly say it's silly, but these post-pregnancy hormones are just crazy and I'm a mess every time it comes on. This year has been the most amazing year of our lives. I can't even explain the joy this year has brought to my life. I couldn't love my husband more. Our friends are the absolute best. And our families are amazing. And now, our tiny little one is here. I am completely overjoyed.

This morning, little Baby Bell got sick for the first time. I've had a lot of anxiety about her getting sick. I spend a lot of time praying that she stays healthy and strong. So this really tested me. And let me tell ya, I failed. I finished feeding Baby Bell and played with her for a little bit. About twenty minutes later I took her in to change her. I laid her down and she vomited all over. I was so scared. I called David. We called the doctor and they told us to watch her and call if she did it again. Well she relaxed and slept on me for a long time. So long actually, that we started to worry. I called the doctor back after four hours (4 hours! she has never slept that long and not eaten) and they wanted to see her. We bundled up on this snowy New Year's Eve and headed to the doctor. Little one woke right up during her exam and ate like a champ. It was perfect timing. They were able to listen to her stomach and evaluate her and she's perfectly fine. I don't know what made her get sick like that, but she's completely perfect. Plus, she's already gained a lot more weight! She weighs 10 pounds 5 ounces already! She is so perfect and wonderful.

Anyway, since she has had a rough day we are just snuggling in and celebrating the end of this perfect year and the excitement of 2013 together. Just me, David, Baby Bell, and Bobo.

Happy New Year Friends! May your 2013 be as blessed and wonderful as 2012 was!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things...

This post will grow and grow, but I wanted to get a few of these things out there before I forget.

This might be an overshare, but it has completely changed my life. New mommas, if you are having any issues, you might try this. It's been a life saver.

I love this sleep sheep from Pottery Barn. I love the sounds. We use it at night. It's very soothing.

I love the Boppy! Oh, and you need at least two covers. Just trust me. There have been incidents...

This blanket was a gift from a dear friend and we love it! It is so warm and snuggly. And don't report me or worry, this was just a nap and I was watching her the whole time. I know you can't cover a baby with a loose blanket to sleep.

There are a few things not pictured. I use saline drops and the nasal aspirator from the hospital every day. She still seems a little congested. I worry about RSV and flu/colds so I'm watching this like crazy.

And just two days ago we started using some gas drops. We use Little Tummies brand. I can't tell if they've completely helped, but she does seem a little less squirmy. During her photo shoot (Oh yeah, she's a super to come), the photographer pointed out that she was having gas problems. Dumb new mom that I am, I didn't know that her discomfort was not normal! I felt so horrible! If your little one is having gas problems, try to do something about it. I burp her more often and try these drops. We also set her up for longer after she eats.

I'm also now in love with this brand that David's cousin sent us to try of blankets/swaddles. Look at Aden + Anais. We have a classic swaddle (

I am sure there are tons of things I'm missing, but there's a start. My only last suggestion is to get a good notebook and keep it close by. I'm recording everything right now. What time she starts eating, how long she sleeps, and little notes to her. It's kept me sane.

Two Weeks in Pictures

I have so much to catch up on about blogging, but for now, I'm busy snuggling my princess and decided to let the pictures do the talking. Here's a summary of the past few weeks.

Hanging out with my big brother

Talking to dad about his day


Talking to mom about her day

Watching TV with big brother and dad

Running some errands

Listening to mom read some books

Merry Christmas...a few days late

I get a few buffer days to wish you all the merriest Christmas, don't I?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Annabelle Kayle Richmond

Annabelle Kayle Richmond was born at 3:46 in the afternoon on December 6th. She weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces and was 20 3/4 inches long. My water broke at 4:45 that morning and we went to the hospital by 6. We had a wonderful, perfect labor and delivery story.

It's so much easier to tell you the much she weighed, what time she was born, all of that. What's impossible is describing how much we loved this little girl from the minute we saw her. It's the most overwhelming and beautiful feeling ever. She is already 11 days old, and I can't believe it. I love her more every single minute. And I love David more every time I see him with her and every time he does something big or little to help me with her. He's the most amazing father already, and it's only made me love him more as my husband.

I will try to tell more and more as these days go on, but right now, my job is holding, feeding, and loving this little girl.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Almost 40 Weeks!

I'm still hanging in there. We had a doctor's appointment yesterday and everything is still wonderful. I'm dilated to a 3 and 70% effaced...progressing perfectly. My doctor didn't think I would make it to that appointment, she thought I would have gone into labor before that, but I didn't. And I have to admit, I was a little bummed. I'm not even to my due date so I need to have patience, but boy it's hard! I am so ready to hold her!

This appointment was 39 1/2 weeks, my due date is Friday! My heart rate and blood pressure is great and her heart rate is just perfect. Our doctor offered to induce me. I thought I would jump at the option, but I was strong and somehow at the time I promised I could make it another week to another appointment before talking about that. She promised, once again, that she didn't think I would make it until that Tuesday appointment. We will see.

In the meantime, I'm trying to work hard all day and come home and relax. We are keeping up with chores to stay busy in the evening. We keep cleaning and re-cleaning and I keep thinking about more and more stuff we can do. She better get here soon before my husband has had enough :)

Cross your fingers for me that she's here soon. I can't wait to see her!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Some pictures!

My dear friend, actually Pal of this Ping and Pal, is a wonderful photographer and has been so generous in taking pictures of us throughout this pregnancy. It's so special to me that she does this. She also did our engagement pictures years ago.

Anyway - check this "before" and "after" out.. This is 13 weeks along and 39 weeks along...same shirt. I'm obviously, as Sister #1 says, "making it work hard" in the 39 week picture.

I am getting so anxious to meet this little girl. Tell me, other ladies out there who have had babies, that you were just dying the last few days to meet your little one. I have been really emotional. I don't know what happened, but this past week I got so antsy. It's hard to wait when I know it's so close. I'm not even to my due date yet and I can't stand it. I just want her to be here so badly. Bless my poor husband who so graciously has been dealing with my mood swings. I don't know what the next step after "swings" is, but I'm there.

At least we have been keeping busy. Today we cleaned our cars and installed both car seat bases and went for a really long walk. Now I just got done running errands while David and some friends insulated our garage (it's under her room making her room a little colder) and cleaned our gutters. I'm sure there's plenty to do until she gets here, but I'm so ready! Oh, and this morning I decided to drop my phone and it's completely broken. I'm talking won't even turn on broken. It's a really weird feeling, but a little bit freeing. I think that the earliest I will have a phone is Monday...maybe Tuesday. Crazy! Wish me luck! And my poor family who is used to checking in with me to see if it's baby time every few hours.

Here are a couple more pictures Ally took.