Saturday, December 1, 2012

Some pictures!

My dear friend, actually Pal of this Ping and Pal, is a wonderful photographer and has been so generous in taking pictures of us throughout this pregnancy. It's so special to me that she does this. She also did our engagement pictures years ago.

Anyway - check this "before" and "after" out.. This is 13 weeks along and 39 weeks along...same shirt. I'm obviously, as Sister #1 says, "making it work hard" in the 39 week picture.

I am getting so anxious to meet this little girl. Tell me, other ladies out there who have had babies, that you were just dying the last few days to meet your little one. I have been really emotional. I don't know what happened, but this past week I got so antsy. It's hard to wait when I know it's so close. I'm not even to my due date yet and I can't stand it. I just want her to be here so badly. Bless my poor husband who so graciously has been dealing with my mood swings. I don't know what the next step after "swings" is, but I'm there.

At least we have been keeping busy. Today we cleaned our cars and installed both car seat bases and went for a really long walk. Now I just got done running errands while David and some friends insulated our garage (it's under her room making her room a little colder) and cleaned our gutters. I'm sure there's plenty to do until she gets here, but I'm so ready! Oh, and this morning I decided to drop my phone and it's completely broken. I'm talking won't even turn on broken. It's a really weird feeling, but a little bit freeing. I think that the earliest I will have a phone is Monday...maybe Tuesday. Crazy! Wish me luck! And my poor family who is used to checking in with me to see if it's baby time every few hours.

Here are a couple more pictures Ally took.

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  1. Aww love your pics! Especially the comparison and the fact that you were able to wear the same shirt :) You look so beautiful! Good thing there was such great weather yesterday so you guys could get some necessities finished up before baby--I'm sure she'll be here any day!