Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Book!

I've been so obsessed with reading about this pregnancy, labor, and what to do after she gets here that I was completely in the dark about a huge announcement. Apparently J.K. Rowling has a book coming out tomorrow and I had NO idea. I swear that I almost spit out my Pinterest cobbler when I saw this book in my magazine. Have you ordered this yet?

And yes, I said Pinterest cobbler. I found an easy recipe for a fruit cobbler on Pinterest and it turned out pretty stinkin' good.

I used frozen blueberries and frozen strawberries. Then you sprinkle on yellow cake mix. And then, you put any clear soda over all of it. I picked my fave - Sierra Mist Natural.

It looks like this before the oven....

This after 35 minutes at 350 degrees...

And this with a big goop of vanilla ice cream....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

29 1/2 Week Appointment

Today we had our appointment with a different doctor because our doctor is on vacation. We love, love, love our doctor. Today's doctor was so sweet and amazing too. I have been thrilled with the level of service we receive at our appointments.

We had a good report on everything today. Our little girl's heartbeat is still right at about 150. It has been this way the whole time. And I measured right on 29 weeks. I have gained 20-22 pounds overall. This sounds like a lot to me but the doctor said that she's not concerned at all. And our little girl moves and moves all the time. The doctor has said this from the very beginning. Every time we listen to her heartbeat the doctor has to chase her around. Each time the doctor comments on how much she's moving. I think we will have our hands full :)

I took this picture from Sister #2's house. I spent the weekend with her preparing for her wedding in just a week and a half. We got SO much done and had the best time. It was the first day of Fall and felt like it completely.

This weekend also started a new craving of mine: Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I don't know what everyone was talking about for the second trimester; the third has been my very favorite. I feel great!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

29 weeks!

I will just let these photos be this week's update :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

God's Child

You all know how much I love Christmas music and have already been listening for over two weeks, right? Don’t roll your eyes at me. I’m pregnant and get to do whatever I want, right? This music makes me so so happy.   Well yesterday on my drive to work I heard my radio station was giving away a new Christmas CD so I definitely called, and guess what, I won! In true Christmas music dork fashion, I admitted to the DJ that I had been listening for weeks. She paused and said something to the likes of, “oh my…Well that’s wonderful…” Anyway, I won and am so excited to get my new CD in the mail.   Today I was sitting at work, working away on some contracts, and Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant came on. Oh my. If this one doesn’t get to you there is something wrong. Well now that I’m pregnant it means even so much more to me. I have always loved picturing tiny Mary, scared but peaceful, thinking about her little son that God trusted her with. I know I’m not carrying God’s son, but I do know that this tiny baby girl belongs to God and He is trusting me, ME!, to take care of her and love her while she is here. Sister #1 has a sign above her kiddos’ beds that says God’s Child. It’s such a reminder to me that these children are God’s and He is lending them to us to love and cherish and raise in His name while they are here on earth.   We have a 4D sonogram today to take an extra little peak at our little one. I can’t wait. But at the same time, I notice that every single day I have a tiny bit of anxiety about if she is growing and loving and healthy. I have to remind myself that God is taking care of her. There is absolutely nothing I can do to control His plan for her, and I wouldn’t want to. I think of all the things I want for her life and how much I want her to know just how much we love her already, and then I remember that it is nothing compared to God’s love for her and His plan for her. I’m so relieved to know that His plan is so much better than any I could even dream of for her.   So I have been reading all of the birthing books, and David and I have been going crazy reading about different parenting methods, and in the last couple of days it really hit us that all we can do is love her and ask God what He wants us to do to help with His plan for her. And we can thank Him over and over for trusting us to watch over her. I still can’t believe that blessing.   I completely understand it’s too early to be listening to Christmas music, and I understand that it’s not Jesus in my womb and I’m not Mary, but certain lyrics of this song couldn’t be more true of my feelings these days as I sit back and pray that we will be the parents that God wants us to be.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

David's Home!

I am not cut out to have a husband that travels. You wouldn't believe how pathetic I am when he's gone. I have no idea how people do it. I am such a homebody, but I've quickly discovered it's more about being with David in our home than just being home. This past week David had to go to Washington D.C. for a conference and I did not handle it well. I dropped him off at the airport early early Sunday morning and picked up him Wednesday after work. Seriously. I know. That is NO time. But to me it was for-ev-er!

Sunday night I stayed home alone and made a little mobile to hang in our daughter's room. This is a horrible picture, but you get the idea. This took hours and I was so happy when it was time to go to bed because I knew when I woke up I would be one day closer to seeing David.

Monday night I had my small group at one of our best friend's house so I stayed the night with them! I know. Completely crazy, but I was too lonely to go him to my empty house. The next morning I took this picture. I will be 28 weeks tomorrow!

And then Tuesday I was sure that I would be able to stay alone since David would be home the very next day. About midway through the day I decided I would go home after work and do some things and then go stay with my friends again. However, I received a surprise about 6:00 that night. Sister #2 was on her way to stay with me! I couldn't believe it. We have seriously not had any time just the two of us since I was six weeks pregnant! This was a great evening of spending time talking about the baby and her wedding (which is in just three weeks!!!) And Bo could not have been happier to see Aunt Abbs.

And then it was Wednesday. Thank goodness. I decided while he was gone that I don't want to stay home anymore when he goes on these trips. I'm not sure exactly how I will ever have enough vacation to go with him, but I will definitely figure it out. I am not sure where he has to go next, but I'm going too!

Now you can stop laughing. My crazy venting is over. Basically because he's home, it really feels like Fall, and I couldn't be happier.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

3rd Trimester

Well, here I am already. I can't believe I am already in my third trimester and just three months away from meeting this precious little girl (who might have a name :) ). I am feeling great these days. My back has been pretty sore, but I started sitting on an exercise ball at work and walking around more throughout the day and I think that's helped. I can eat anything (I do have pretty bad heartburn, but it sure beats feeling nauseous!). And I've had so much fun helping get the room ready. I say helping because I really don't do that much around the house. My husband (if I haven't already told you that he's to die for) does all the chores and just begs me to relax and rest.

I don't know for sure how much weight I've gained but I'm guessing close to 20 pounds. In two weeks we have our 4d sonogram and get to see the little girl again. A week after that we have an appointment to hear her heartbeat and just check in. And then we go every two weeks to check in until she's here! It's all getting so close. We couldn't be more excited.

I've ordered some different books and will share them with you whenever I read them. But just so you know, they are not anything I am set on. I feel like there are some touchy subjects in groups of friends and family about birth plans or parenting styles or anything that has to do with all of this. The only thing I know is that I have no answers about what birthing styles are right for you or what will even work for me. I just know I have to do the research...just like I would for any decision I make. So I will share with you what I learn, but just know that I'm only trying to learn and prepare. The first book I am reading is called Husband-Coached Childbirth by Robert A Bradley. Wish me luck (and cross your fingers there aren't pictures...just kidding...I know it's beautiful...kinda :) )

The Plaza!

The Plaza in Kansas City is one of my very favorite locations. We live just an hour from it, so you would think we would get there more, but we rarely get there. This location means so much to us. This is where I lived when we (re)met. I loved my time on The Plaza. I feel like I really grew into the person that I am now. It is so full of memories for me and David. We spent many weekends in my apartment at The Locarno. We had many Saturday lunches at Fred P Otts (a tiny hole in the wall bar). It was at Fred P Otts that we sat in the corner table and decided that we should buy our first house. David proposed in my apartment there. And we spent the whole first year walking around, looking in the little shops, and having my very favorite omelet brunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

Today we went there so I could get my haircut at my brother-in-law's shop, The Salon ( It was such a perfect, beautiful Fall day today so we walked over and had lunch outside at Fred P Otts and then walked to Pottery Barn to look for things for our baby girl. I was so emotional all day thinking about how much this location means to me and David. It was a wonderful day!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We Built the Crib!

It doesn't get much more real than when you are putting your daughter's room together! This past week we have done a lot, but we still have a lot to do for her room. I will post more pictures when things really get going. But so far we have painted an old dresser and put that in the room, built two little bookshelves, put up the curtains, put down the rug, and built the crib!

This weekend we are going to buy the bedding. It is really all getting so close!

Excuse our scumminess in the pictures. We decided to build it late one night because we couldn't wait!

And here are some pictures of Bo since I haven't posted one in a while...He's pouting because he had a bath tonight and I'm washing his blankets. He hates baths and hates laying on his bed without the cover. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A 24 Hour Road Trip

I've been dying to spend some time with my BFF, but we have both been so busy and she lives about 4 hours away. This weekend I only had from Friday after work until Saturday afternoon, but I wanted to go for a visit anyway.

Okay, I have to confess that I am a complete scaredy cat when it comes to driving on the highway in the dark. And don't even get me started if it's raining or snowing. Friday morning David told me to take my time on my trip because it was supposed to rain. My husband, if I haven't mentioned it before, is absolutely amazing. When I got out of the shower he told me that him and his friend had decided that he shouldn't golf in the tournament the next day, and instead that he should go to St. Louis with me (Thank you Brady, for being so understanding). How sweet is that!

We left right after work and drove through the worst storm I have been through in the car! We were actually BOTH a little scared. We took our time and stopped for some dinner at one point to try to let some pass. I have never been so thankful to have not been the one driving. I was so relieved when we finally got there, and so extremely happy to have my wonderful husband with me to enjoy the weekend and see my best friend.

We had such a great time in the 20 hours we spent there. I think that David went for me, but mostly to see his BFF...little miss Neely Anne. They are so funny. You might remember Neely being obsessed with David when she was only a few months old, and even though we only see her every couple of months, you can still tell how much they love each other.

I was definitely in need of some time with Emily. We have been best friends since 4th grade. She completely understands me. We have an inseparable bond even having to go months without seeing each other. It was good for my soul to see her, her kind husband, and her adorable daughter.

We took a picture like this from one of my wedding showers when Emily was about 26 weeks along. We tried to re-create it here!

After our (way-too-quick) visit, we drove home, again in the rain! It made the four hour drive much longer both ways. Imagine our relief when finally we saw St. Joe miles and miles ahead. And look at the beautiful light shining above it. You know how much I love my town. Home Sweet Home.

Reading List

Okay, this isn't a great book list if you aren't a momma to be. If that's the case, then the only one I will recommend is the top one. And if you have been reading my blog long, then the top book, East of Eden, might be something new to add to your list. If you've read my blog for over a year, then you know what the top book and the picture below signify...

That's me, August is Fall!! Yes, it is still 80 degrees, yes I can't quite pull off wearing a sweater and jeans with my boots, but still...I start Fall in August because I start Christmas in November.

Anyway, to me, John Steinbeck and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (even if they have to be decaf now) have a lot to do with Fall. Plus, last Thursday Dave and I went to the first MWSU home football game. And if David wasn't going to be out of town next weekend, I would be making chili and pumpkin bars for the first football Sunday of the year.

In case you can't tell, I am completely in love with Fall. So grab your John Steinbeck and pumpkin flavored treat, pull on your black and gold hoodie (MU or MWSU, you pick), and settle in. Cheers to Fall!