Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We Built the Crib!

It doesn't get much more real than when you are putting your daughter's room together! This past week we have done a lot, but we still have a lot to do for her room. I will post more pictures when things really get going. But so far we have painted an old dresser and put that in the room, built two little bookshelves, put up the curtains, put down the rug, and built the crib!

This weekend we are going to buy the bedding. It is really all getting so close!

Excuse our scumminess in the pictures. We decided to build it late one night because we couldn't wait!

And here are some pictures of Bo since I haven't posted one in a while...He's pouting because he had a bath tonight and I'm washing his blankets. He hates baths and hates laying on his bed without the cover. 

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