Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Plaza!

The Plaza in Kansas City is one of my very favorite locations. We live just an hour from it, so you would think we would get there more, but we rarely get there. This location means so much to us. This is where I lived when we (re)met. I loved my time on The Plaza. I feel like I really grew into the person that I am now. It is so full of memories for me and David. We spent many weekends in my apartment at The Locarno. We had many Saturday lunches at Fred P Otts (a tiny hole in the wall bar). It was at Fred P Otts that we sat in the corner table and decided that we should buy our first house. David proposed in my apartment there. And we spent the whole first year walking around, looking in the little shops, and having my very favorite omelet brunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

Today we went there so I could get my haircut at my brother-in-law's shop, The Salon ( It was such a perfect, beautiful Fall day today so we walked over and had lunch outside at Fred P Otts and then walked to Pottery Barn to look for things for our baby girl. I was so emotional all day thinking about how much this location means to me and David. It was a wonderful day!

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