Saturday, September 8, 2012

3rd Trimester

Well, here I am already. I can't believe I am already in my third trimester and just three months away from meeting this precious little girl (who might have a name :) ). I am feeling great these days. My back has been pretty sore, but I started sitting on an exercise ball at work and walking around more throughout the day and I think that's helped. I can eat anything (I do have pretty bad heartburn, but it sure beats feeling nauseous!). And I've had so much fun helping get the room ready. I say helping because I really don't do that much around the house. My husband (if I haven't already told you that he's to die for) does all the chores and just begs me to relax and rest.

I don't know for sure how much weight I've gained but I'm guessing close to 20 pounds. In two weeks we have our 4d sonogram and get to see the little girl again. A week after that we have an appointment to hear her heartbeat and just check in. And then we go every two weeks to check in until she's here! It's all getting so close. We couldn't be more excited.

I've ordered some different books and will share them with you whenever I read them. But just so you know, they are not anything I am set on. I feel like there are some touchy subjects in groups of friends and family about birth plans or parenting styles or anything that has to do with all of this. The only thing I know is that I have no answers about what birthing styles are right for you or what will even work for me. I just know I have to do the research...just like I would for any decision I make. So I will share with you what I learn, but just know that I'm only trying to learn and prepare. The first book I am reading is called Husband-Coached Childbirth by Robert A Bradley. Wish me luck (and cross your fingers there aren't pictures...just kidding...I know it's beautiful...kinda :) )

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