Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things...

This post will grow and grow, but I wanted to get a few of these things out there before I forget.

This might be an overshare, but it has completely changed my life. New mommas, if you are having any issues, you might try this. It's been a life saver.

I love this sleep sheep from Pottery Barn. I love the sounds. We use it at night. It's very soothing.

I love the Boppy! Oh, and you need at least two covers. Just trust me. There have been incidents...

This blanket was a gift from a dear friend and we love it! It is so warm and snuggly. And don't report me or worry, this was just a nap and I was watching her the whole time. I know you can't cover a baby with a loose blanket to sleep.

There are a few things not pictured. I use saline drops and the nasal aspirator from the hospital every day. She still seems a little congested. I worry about RSV and flu/colds so I'm watching this like crazy.

And just two days ago we started using some gas drops. We use Little Tummies brand. I can't tell if they've completely helped, but she does seem a little less squirmy. During her photo shoot (Oh yeah, she's a super to come), the photographer pointed out that she was having gas problems. Dumb new mom that I am, I didn't know that her discomfort was not normal! I felt so horrible! If your little one is having gas problems, try to do something about it. I burp her more often and try these drops. We also set her up for longer after she eats.

I'm also now in love with this brand that David's cousin sent us to try of blankets/swaddles. Look at Aden + Anais. We have a classic swaddle (

I am sure there are tons of things I'm missing, but there's a start. My only last suggestion is to get a good notebook and keep it close by. I'm recording everything right now. What time she starts eating, how long she sleeps, and little notes to her. It's kept me sane.

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