Monday, March 14, 2011


This weekend was beautiful! Friday night my husband and I sat on our deck and had a beer before going to dinner with the best in laws. Seriously, I have the best in laws. I have a beautiful sister in law who just possibly could be the sweetest girl in the world, and her husband reminds me of a biblical character – the way he is up for any projects and handy work you need done and willing to give to anyone that needs anything. And you know my parents in law, right? There’s no way you don’t because they have probably given you some gift or money or compliment at some point. And my brother Joe, I mean come on!, he is the funniest and most genuine guy in the world. I am just said David’s oldest brother and his wife aren’t here to join us in things like Spring Dinners on Barry Road. What was I talking about…
Oh yes, so then we followed up our wonderful Friday with a wonderful Saturday of relaxing, reading, and going to a parade. Only to end our Saturday with a cookout with our best friends at my parent’s house. Sunday, we went to church and Sunday school together, finished our taxes, and spring cleaned.
I know this seems like a checklist or diary entry, and maybe it should have been that instead of a post you don’t care about, but I do have a point. My point is: What did you do this weekend to welcome spring? And then, how mad were you when you woke up at 5:15 this morning for your run and found snow on the ground? Eek. Usually I try to love snow. But I was less than thrilled that my mom’s turtle, Spud, was wrong.
You see, yesterday my mom called to tell me to get cleaning because Spud was eating again! I guess this is the way she gages whether or not, despite the parades and 60 degree temperatures, it really is spring. So once I had the go ahead from her and Spud, I knew it was here.
And although my mom and Spud lied (which has NEVER happened to me – the mom part, not the turtle lying, he could lie all the time for all I know), and although I put away all my winter boots, and although usually I would be pretty upset about all of this, I’m not. Because it’s March. Basketball March Madness starts this Thursday. And my husband and I are ignoring the snow and having hot dogs for dinner (Don’t worry, I bought 100% turkey dogs for me and 100% beef with no fillers for him).
I hope you have a wonderful March Madness week!

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