Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Post Not About a Book - woops

I know what the basis of this blog is and I know what I'm supposed to blog about. However, I have this awesome friend that I love to be around. She is one of those women that can only be described as that girl that some girls hate for being so perfect. She is gorgeous, funny, and smart. She has a beautiful family, runs marathons with her adoring husband, makes her own jewelry, uses all natural food and cleaning supplies, and she has written and published a book for goodness sake – of course she is my idol. I will never be able to tell her that I have this blog because she would never forgive me for saying all these things, because on top of everything I just told you, she is the most gracious person I have ever met.
Okay, so to get on with it, we had lunch today and now I’m even more inspired to Get Real about my health. I have referenced before in this blog her published book I was just talking about. It’s called Preventing Cancer: God’s Way. She is a hero. She is serious about health. And I mean serious. So imagine my surprise when she told me today that her and her husband are giving P90X a try. And by “giving it a try” I’m sure she means giving it 100% of her efforts. She’s not someone to give something a try on a whim and then soon quit it. And she’s not someone to do something like this because it’s a fad.
She has been doing it for a week and claims that if you can make it through the first two nights of sleepless sleep because you are in so much pain, that you can do it. She said that it’s not just a workout, it’s a complete life altering diet and bad habit breaker. I’m thinking she had no bad habits to begin with, but I didn’t push her on that topic.
So, I’m not saying I’m going to do it, and I’m not saying it’s something you should do, and I’m not saying it works for everyone. I’m just saying that my adorable husband told me I should talk to her about this over lunch and is very interested. And I am very interested in things that he is very interested in. Let’s leave it at that. And very soon, I will again be writing about Harry Potter. But I am only on book four and afraid you might not share my "it really is all about Harry" passion.

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