Monday, March 21, 2011

Project Plans Updated

A little over two weeks ago I bored you all with my house ideas. Just be happy that I didn’t actually download the project plan itself and post it here (However, if you would like a copy just let me know). I thought it was fair, in true planning form, to check myself and the progress I have made.
Let me start by saying that I never finish a thought before going on to the next one. And I found some inspiration for this post in my dear friend’s blog. She is honest in her blog and has taught me that if you write something down knowing other people are reading it, you might be more accountable for it. I was thinking back to posts I have written here. And I realized that you might think that I don’t complete much. However, it is mainly that I don’t tell you that I completed it. First of all, I don’t quit books. I don’t begin them and not finish them. However, I do begin them, finish them, and dislike some and don’t feel like wasting another post on them. And I do not start projects and quit halfway through them – just ask my adorable husband who was sick yesterday, had played three basketball games, gone to church and Sunday school with me, and for the life of him just wanted to sit down for a minute, but noooo-oo. I just had to have him hang my new curtain rods so I could hang the new curtains I finally decided on and purchased. So yeah, I finished that project but forgot to tell you I finished it because I was already on to my next project – making the best homemade cookies of any wife for her adorable husband so when he finished hanging the curtain rods and returned from his basketball championship, he would have warm chocolate chip cookies to come home to and would like the new curtains just a tad bit more than when he left.
Where was I?
Oh yeah. So I do finish all these books and projects that I talk about on here. What I don’t finish is a thought…and most of the time a full post.
So…back to my project plan from two weeks ago:
- So I haven’t planted my vegetables yet. Not because I’m not ready to, but because everyone is advising against it. I have bought the seeds though and have looked at them each night, just waiting for it to be the right time. So as soon as people don’t frown upon it, I am ready to plant carrots, lettuce, radishes, and marigolds (my mom said this keeps bugs away..) And then from plants instead of seeds, I will get the tomatoes and peppers going
- the “wallpaper” in the spare room is not wallpaper and instead is paint. Who knew? I bought the wallpaper remover, sprayed it on a piece of the so called wallpaper, only to find that nope, it is paint. I haven’t painted, but I have brought home one billion samples of green paint…
- I haven’t removed the wallpaper border from our room, but only because I am so indecisive about what color I want our room to be. I am thinking the icy blue will look like a little baby boy room – which I’m okay with, but not for our room…I’m thinking back to khaki for our room…this is a dilemma though since I just bought and hung khaki like curtains (I just stuck my bottom lip out and pretend blew air up to my bangs – which I don’t have)
- Okay, the downstairs office is a complete fail at the moment. We haven’t even started this project. Worst. Wife. Ever.
- Do I even need to address the reading room – it is still storage
- We think we have some solid ideas for the front porch, but this deserves an entire post for itself
- as for decorating the entire house…we’re on it
I know you didn’t really ask, but I felt the need to update you.
Oh, and you need to follow my dear friend’s blog who is going to kill me for giving out the link but you deserve to read it – it’s that good! So Ashley, sorry in advance:

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