Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Be Passionate in Your Commitment

There is a billboard directly south of the area where I have to turn into work each morning that reads: Get Involved Doing Something You Love. It’s a picture of an older man with a young boy smiling. I’m not sure who it’s an ad for and I don’t think it matters.
What a great way to start my day each morning. I am sure that sometimes I do not feel like going to work. I am sure that some days I would rather stay home, or work in a bookstore, or drink coffee on my porch, or sleep in…and the list of ors just keeps going. However, I am passionate about working hard and I am passionate about trying to be happy each day and I am passionate about my team and what we are trying to accomplish. And I am passionate about the fact that my attitude about my job, or my marriage, or my friendships, or my health, or my money (and more and more ors again) sets the stage for the day.
Today I am worried about some things at work. Nothing big, just normal work anxieties. I am reading a book that is supposed to help train me to train others to accept organizational change. Wow. Of course there is anxiety in that. For me and for those who have to change. I opened the book and the first chapter is Be Passionate In Your Commitment. So I have been thinking that if I’m doing something I love and I am passionate in my commitment to that, I am on the right track.
One more point. Each morning I run to some fabulous songs that make me want to stop running right that moment and go out and get things done. One line I love is from Garth Brooks’s “Standing Outside the Fire.” The line that says “life is not tried it is merely survived if you’re standing outside the fire.” Yep, I just got chills. And the other one I wanted to share with you while these thoughts of being passionate in my commitments are swirling around my head, is from the Sugarland song “I Ain’t Settlin” and says, “Find what it means to be the girl – change her mind and change the world.”
I am not exactly sure how to tie all of this together. I just had to share that it works for me. Whatever I am supposed to be learning from the billboard, from this book, from artists I love, and from my positive, brilliant, and hard working husband I feel like I’m learning.
I will let you know what that is whenever I figure it out. Maybe it won’t be until I’m 26 since some people have told me that 25 is the year you figure out a lot of things. I’ll keep ya posted.

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  1. I love this post! So many good lines in "I ain't settlin." I love....

    "I've had enough so so, for the rest of my life.
    Tired of shooting too low, so raise the bar high
    'cause enough ain't enough this time."