Monday, March 28, 2011

Get Serious

Get Serious
For weeks or months – I’m not sure, maybe years – I have eaten the same thing for breakfast, ran the same distance at the same pace every morning, and eaten almost the same thing for lunch, eaten similar things for dinner and eaten a mug of ice cream for a snack. Every day. Just recently, I started changing this up a bit, but not in a good way. The eating part has gotten worse and the running part has stayed the same. This adds up to results I am not happy with.
I have gotten away from taking vitamins, eating fruits and veggies at every meal, and pushing myself in my workout. I have gotten myself into a comfortable, ice cream induced coma rut.
I noticed today at my 9:10 minute mile pace, 20 minutes into my run, that I wasn’t breathing heavy. Not at all. And I’m not bragging about this – I am completely embarrassed that I have gotten up every day at 5:20 and ran three miles only to realize that I’m not doing what’s best for my body. My body would argue that I should just stay in bed. I have done nothing but gain weight in the past few weeks and could not figure out why…yes, I’m a little slow.
So today, this beautiful Monday, I am getting serious about my health. And from inspiration from a few blogs I have been reading consistently, I’m going to let you in my world so you can hold me accountable. I am making tiny changes and I will let you know the honest results. And if there are no results, you can hold me to my word and remind me to get serious.
Today I finished my run with fifteen minutes at 8:50 instead of my usual 9:10 pace.
And today I am not eating ice cream…or cookies…or starbursts or skittles – maybe tomorrow, but today I’m giving my body a  break.
And tonight I will post before and after pictures of our spare room – it’s now green with white trim!

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