Monday, October 6, 2014

We Can't Get Enough of Fall

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Fall?

We had a wonderful weekend spending some much needed time together as a family of three. We actually didn’t do anything extraordinary this weekend at all - which makes for some of my favorite memories.


Friday Annabelle spent time with her grandma and of course, baked. This is one of their favorite things to do together.

Friday night we spent some time celebrating friends’ birthdays and then went home to put Annabelle to bed and cheer on our Royals! Who isn’t excited about the Royals right now? It’s impossible to not be!

Saturday morning we woke up and made a big breakfast and ran errands. We prepped Annabelle’s big girl room for painting, bought all the supplies, (David) washed the walls and removed all the remaining traces of wallpaper, bought the paint, and are now completely ready to paint this week. We had every intention of painting this weekend but it was just too beautiful and we were having too much fun with our little girl.

We watched a ton of sports, went on lots of walks, went to church, ran errands, and relaxed. It was wonderful. While Belle and I were running some errands without Davidon Sunday afternoon, he made the most delicious chili ever! David’s chili and a Royals win - It was a perfect end to a perfect weekend.



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