Friday, October 17, 2014


Lately I can’t get enough of salads and apples during the work day. So that’s great. But in all honesty, by the end of the day, for dinner, I have been wanting Chinese food every single night. That or cereal! David has been so great about indulging in this little craving session and not making me feel bad about it, but oh man, it has to stop soon. I can’t think of many cravings that would be worse than my obsession with fried rice, sesame chicken, and egg rolls. Seriously, I would eat it every single night but have backed off to once a week.


At least throughout the day my cravings have stayed pretty healthy.


My favorite lunch right now is a salad and an apple. Pretty good. I have been all over the place on my salads, but most commonly it is a spinach, kale, carrots, broccoli, almond, and cranberry mix with Vidalia onion dressing. Yum!

And I’m not being too hard on myself about this Chinese food kick. Let’s face it, I felt sick and vomited for almost 30 weeks and pretty soon I will be too big to really eat much of anything. So a couple of weeks of fried rice can’t be all that bad.

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