Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Last night we made the most delicious dinner. I have to apologize because now I cannot remember where I first found this recipe. I have the original source, but I’m thinking it was on a blog I read to start with – so I’m sorry if I’m not giving credit. Anyway, this was so super easy and so good. And we have leftovers to throw over quinoa tonight.


We’re talking so easy that Annabelle helped me with it so we had a nice warm meal ready for when David got home. I love that Belle continues to love cooking with me. It’s so much fun.


We had it with some whole wheat pasta and a spinach and kale salad. Delicious! Annabelle wasn’t the biggest fan of the pesto so I shredded hers up and added it to her pasta and I don’t think she noticed it as much.


She has gone from being a picky eater to eating almost anything we put in front of her. I have a couple of theories on this. We are working on limiting any snacks between meals. I think she has a better appetite. When she does snack, it’s something light and healthy like a rice cake or a handful of cereal.


We are encouraging her try more things. I was having anxiety over the fact that she was eating mac and cheese and chicken nuggets almost daily! But I was scared to serve her anything with too many spices. Now we just don’t offer her the chicken nuggets and it turns out she loves flavors! She ate every bite of what I was worried would be a too spicy burrito.


We also bribe her. If she will try two bites of something like pesto chicken, then she gets her greek yogurt at the end of the meal (this is what she thinks dessert is and we want to keep it that way!). I like that she’s getting to be old enough to reason with in this way.


This is a relief to me not only because I feel like the things she’s eating are healthier, but because it means I’m not making two meals all the time – one for her and one for us.  

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