Wednesday, September 24, 2014

28 Weeks

Third Trimester!


I seriously cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by. I have an appointment this week so I will know more about the little girl soon. I can tell ya already that she is a mover just like her big sister. At our last appointment she kept kicking the monitor out of the way so it took the doctor a while to chase her down to get her heart rate. I get so excited (and slightly tired) thinking about Annabelle and this little girl chasing each other around and playing.


I have been feeling better in the last couple of weeks and think the vomiting may have officially stopped. I’ve also been sleeping a little bit better. We’ve been eating healthier since the sickness stopped and I’ve been trying to do things at night to unwind before bed. I try to put my phone down after 8 and I’ve been enjoying reading and taking baths. We’ve also had such beautiful weather so I get to play outside with Annabelle and go on lots of walks. All of this has made this pregnancy so enjoyable.


Although I can’t wait to hold this precious girl in our arms, I am trying to really appreciate this time with Annabelle. I remember towards the end of my pregnancy with her feeling the same way. So excited of course, but a little bit anxious about the change in our family dynamic. David and I have had fun building a to do list of things we want to do before she gets here, things that we know will be put on hold just a little bit with a newborn.


I will give a better update after my appointment, but here are some things I already know about this baby girl (who has a name but we aren’t ready to announce it):

- She loves her big sister – every time I hold Annabelle or Annabelle talks she kicks and moves like crazy.

- She is completely loved by her big sister already – Annabelle calls her by name in prayers now and told us yesterday that it’s “my baby” when we asked what was in my tummy.

- She’s busy – she doesn’t hold still, that’s for sure.

- She must have hair like Belle did if the old wives tale is right – my heartburn is out of control!

- She must be long – she jabs me in the ribs and kicks me in the side at the same time sometimes – I think she’s all sprawled out in there.