Monday, September 29, 2014

Doctor's Appointment

I had my doctor’s appointment on Friday. Sometimes I think I’m just waiting for those appointments to really breathe a little bit easier. I feel sick all day, but then instantly after hearing her little heartbeat I am starving and ready to go!


This appointment was the exact same way. I was anxious all day. To top off the normal pregnancy anxieties, I knew David couldn’t come to this appointment with me. Okay, I am totally and completely spoiled. David has gone to every appointment with me during my pregnancy with Annabelle and so far with this baby girl. I know this is crazy, but he’s just so calming and excited that I don’t get so sick if I know he’s going to be there. I’m spoiled.


Anyway, I was especially anxious because my doctor is out of town so I was seeing someone different, getting a shot, David wasn’t going to be there, and I’ve been having some contractions that have concerned me a little. It didn’t help that once I checked in they let me know the doctor had just gotten back from delivering a patient so she was running behind. I had to sit and get anxious alone for 45 minutes.

I spent my time texting with David and my friend (thanks Marissa for distracting me!).

Everything was just perfect with our sweet little girl. Her heart rate is about 145 – similar to last appointment, I’m measuring right on schedule, I’ve gained 21 pounds (which I was a little shocked about since I still have 12 weeks and that’s almost what I gained overall with Annabelle but ohhhh well) and she was active and busy the whole time.

Waiting for the doctor!

Now I start going to these appointments every two weeks! That is just crazy to me. I remember when I got to this point last time how it all really started flying by. I know soon enough we will be holding our new little girl!

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  1. There are usually some discomfort that are associated with coming to term. Anyway, didn’t you feel or encounter anything odd aside from that? I wish you brought someone along with you to the clinic, in case your husband couldn’t make it to the appointment. It can be risky to go alone, especially when you’re expecting.

    Aubrey Holloway @ Primary Care Associates