Tuesday, September 9, 2014

26 Weeks

The last 4 weeks have been a whirlwind. We have been on the go nonstop. I love it because it’s making the time until we meet our little angel fly by, but it also means that the time with Annabelle at this age is going too fast.


This pregnancy is just so different than mine with Annabelle because with Annabelle I would work all day, go home and take a walk with David and Bo, workout or do yoga, and relax. This time, I rush out of work so I can get to Annabelle as quickly as physically possible so I can rush her home to start our evenings as a family. I have this constant fleeting feeling that I want to soak up each and every second with our little family of three (plus Bo of course).

Annabelle is hilarious. David and I both tell her daily that she is our best little friend. I think she is the smartest, funniest, and most beautiful baby to walk this world. I am serious. She constantly amazes me and cracks me up. She loves bugs, her dadda, and talking about her family members. All day she likes to talk about our family members and whether they are at work or night night, and every night her prayers consist of saying “more” while I go through our family members’ names and prayers. The funniest thing she has been doing lately is joking with us though. She loves, loves, loves “noonoos” or noodles. And she always reminds us that they are hot. Well then she goes on to her other favorite foods and tells us they are hot – yogurt, applesauce, cheese. And when we say “noooo, those are cold.” She says “noooo, hot!” and cracks up.


See, another difference between this pregnancy and Annabelle’s is that this baby isn’t even getting a post without Annabelle commentary strung throughout. J That’s okay though, I just know they are going to be the best of friends.


Back to this pregnancy. I am 26 weeks along today. I have had a few appointments lately and everything’s perfect. I passed my glucose test, have gained 18 pounds, and my health and the baby’s health is perfect.


The only complaint I really have is that I have had the worst heartburn. I don’t really remember this with Annabelle. It is so bad that sometimes it makes me throw up. It’s crazy.


I am still throwing up quite often too, which is different than with Annabelle. I’m pretty sure by this far along I was done getting sick with her. It’s not every day, but every couple of days I still get sick a few times in the morning or throughout the night.


We are pretty sure we’ve settled on a name for this little one. It’s funny because even Annabelle seems to agree. Any time we’ve asked her what the baby’s name is she says Yellow or Purple. When we say, how about X, she says “no, no, no, Yellow.” But in the last few days we’ve asked her about this one specific name and she tells us “Yeah!” So I think it’s going to stick.


I can’t believe I’m almost to my third trimester already. Here’s to meeting this baby girl soon, but at the same time slowing down time!



  1. I remember when I was pregnant with Hudson part of me thought there was no way I could have enough love to love him as much as I loved her. But like I figured, I was wrong. You just grow new love.