Monday, September 8, 2014


This weekend we were able to go to the IKEA friends and family opening in Kansas City. I actually had never been to an IKEA so I’m so excited about one opening here.


We took miss Belle with us, and she’s still not the absolute best shopper, so I was a little bit distracted. I think she had a great time though!

I had the intention of grabbing lots of items for her new big girl room, but had a hard time focusing on much other than trinkets I could grab as we rushed by since she is on the go every minute.


I did pick up a couple of things that I absolutely love!


You’ve all seen the inappropriate pictures of her sitting on our kitchen island helping me cook. She loves to help me with breakfast and dinner and I love this time with her! The sitting on the island part doesn’t seem all too safe so I’ve been excited about a stool tall enough for her to be able to stand next to me. This one was a great find!!

Before we went I knew I was interested in this cute lamp.


But once we got there and I saw it in person David pointed out that the cord didn’t seem too safe. We are wanting her big girl room to be a place where she can play on her own at times without having to worry about dangerous things. I quickly decided this one should wait until she’s older.


We did find the cutest little safety plugs that double as nightlights! I think she will love her big girl room illuminated in pink for bedtime. We bought two.


You know miss Annabelle had to head straight to the first baby doll she saw. I actually think this is not the cutest doll, but she grabbed her (actually two of them) and carried them around from the minute we got there until it was time to go. She is such a good little momma. She has been playing Ring Around the Rosy with her and sleeping with her ever since.

This isn’t a big deal to most of you, but the item I grabbed for myself, colorful straws. I have to drink smoothies out of a straw and they are so much more fun when they are colorful. Annabelle loves it too!


The only item David grabbed for himself? $2 slippers. Seriously. We are weird. Straws and slippers and baby dolls.


We are so excited about the IKEA though and will definitely be back when it’s time to do some more decorating for Belle and Christmas shopping.



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