Monday, December 1, 2014

Shake it up

I absolutely love our mornings here. Annabelle has been waking up about 6:30as opposed to her 7 or 7:15 that she used to do and I love it so much more because we get to spend just that much time together. We have to leave the house by7:30, so the 6:30 wake up is perfect. David and I get ready before she wakes so that when she’s up we get to play with her, get her ready for the day, and have a shake together.


She loves helping us cook, and I really think making shakes is one of her favorite things to make. Every morning we make them together, and it’s quite a process. Actually, I’m pretty worried about being gone for a couple of mornings while we are in the hospital. I don’t know if anyone will really know what she’s talking about for her shake.


She helps me with every step: puts in the ice cubes, watches me scoop out peanut butter and then holds the peanut butter spoon, tells me when to “stop” with the almond milk, “tap taps” the protein mix in, spoons in some flax meal, puts in the spinach and kale, and takes a bite or two of the banana before putting it in.


Then, once I put it on the mixer to mix, David holds her and she makes the cutest surprised faces and says “too loud” in a silly tone. She picks out a straw for each of us and likes them to match. Then she sits on the counter to drink hers and have some cuddles. It’s all just really sweet to me.


It’s become one of my favorite parts of our day.


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