Saturday, November 10, 2012


I decided, this close to the end, to summarize some of the foods that got me through this pregnancy. I would have claimed that I didn’t have too many “cravings” as I thought I would, but I’m starting to think that isn’t entirely true.

I have probably complained a million times that I was sick for 18-19 weeks. I’m sorry if I did; I really did try not to because I’m so thrilled that we were able to be pregnant and I can’t even talk about how blessed I feel to carry this little girl. But during those first 4 months or so I didn’t have any cravings as much as aversions…like to everything… But there were a few foods that got me through. First, my sweet husband made me an egg and cheese bagel every single morning. It was quite a routine. I would wake up and run to the bathroom to get sick and that was his cue to get up and start the breakfast. He seriously did this every day (and still does whenever I want it instead of my new favorite craving, cereal!). And right along with this craving was orange juice. I still drink a glass of orange juice every morning. I would have never preferred this juice before or even imagined that it would ever settle my stomach, but it’s the one thing that I have wanted every single day no matter what.

During those first months I also relied on the strangest food of all for me…cheeseburgers! I don’t even want to tally up how many I ate during those first four months, but I can tell you it was more than I had eaten in the past ten years total. I still love them actually! My favorite is from Culver’s. Bless them.

I also ate my fair share of mashed potatoes during this time. And the only other thing that sounded good was toast with cream cheese. Also, broccoli. Just raw, plain, cold broccoli. So I am living proof that a woman can survive on cheeseburgers, egg sandwiches, potatoes, OJ, and broccoli…at least for a few months.

Once I stopped getting sick I started eating a lot like I used to before I was pregnant, except with meat. I have loved beef during this time. Here are some things I have absolutely not been able to get enough of:

-          Taco Bell (yep, old trusty has kept me going just as it did before I was pregnant)
-          Cereal (I eat it at least once a day, but usually twice.)
-          Apples (I try to limit these to one a day, but I feel like I could eat four)
-          Pizza (any and all kinds)
-          Ice cream
-          Sweet potatoes

I have had some other random things thrown in here and there, but those are the things I feel like I cannot stop eating week after week.
What were your cravings like?

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