Sunday, May 22, 2011


There are a few places that make me feel completely at peace and filled with joy. There's this one view right when you make a turn toward The Legends that is completely green in the spring. It always makes me so happy to live in such a beautiful region. There's also a turn right before the bridge towards Columbia that makes me so happy. I love going to St. Louis because it reminds me of visiting my wonderful husband who was my boyfriend at the time, or of visiting my best friend. This turn makes me feel like I'm on vacation. And I love Ashland and Lover's Lane in the Fall. And Krug Park in the winter. And there are few places more beautiful than looking at The Plaza lights from my old apartment's 9th floor view.

I am so filled with joy at some of these places that I don't know how to express it. But my all time favorite place in the world is a little robin egg blue house filled with my adorable husband and a big brown dog. I love everything about our house. I feel at peace and completely comforted every time I turn into our driveway. I can exhale. I will have a hard time moving years from now because of little things like that.

Last night Sister #2 and her fiance had a housewarming party for their friends to share their joy. Their house if beautiful. And you know that it's beautiful because each project was completed with love. They have spent so much time on their new home. They have replaced light fixtures, redocorated the spare room, painted a wall in the stairwell, designed a bar, landscaped their yard, decoupaged a bookcase (ask Kalle what this means since she now knows), and the list goes on and on. And each piece they did together. And if last night was any indication of their day to day lives, I know that their home is filled with the peace and joy that I feel every time I come home.

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  1. I wish I could have been there for all the fun and friend and sister time:)