Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Last week my small group read the book of Exodus. It was wonderful. If you haven’t ever picked up your Bible and just started reading, I recommend that you do so. I love the stories, the details, the symbolism, everything!
At the end of our study, my adorable friend MK, gave us three verses that she considered “key verses” for Exodus. Exodus is a great book, and I really enjoyed reading all of it. I love the Ten Commandments, I love how God’s people trusted Him to bring them out of bondage and followed Him for 40 years in the desert, and how when Moses was gone and the people were worshiping an idol, Moses was so furious that he broke the very tablets he had just helped create – he couldn’t believe that these people would make a mockery of his God. But my favorite part was when Moses couldn’t believe that God would pick him to talk for Him. He was scared and argued that he was slow to speak and had a hard time getting words out. God questioned him back with, “Who made your tongue and mouth?” I love how God doesn’t always pick the strongest and “best” candidate to get His work done, but instead uses the less likely candidate to show us all that it is Him working, not ourselves.
There was one part in Exodus that we needed some clarification on and we had good discussion around. A lot of the book is spent on details of the curtains or alter, etc. And we were wondering why on earth God would put this much detail in a so seemingly pagan purpose – aren’t we not supposed to worship material objects or idols? Well in fact, we are not, but this is all before Jesus or the Holy Spirit allowed us to have direct contact with God. This is still in the time when the prophets helped us have a relationship with God and Jesus had not walked the earth yet – disobeying the Sabath to heal a man or encouraging us to speak to our God directly – for goodness sake, they didn’t have the Bible to refer to. So they have an elaborate area that people knew they could sit and learn about God and speak to the prophets about Him and grow closer to Him.
This study made me think about what I am pushing back about. What is God encouraging me to do that I am still thinking, “oh no, you couldn’t mean me. I would be the least likely candidate for that!” What is God trying to accomplish through me that I am getting in the way of?
It was a great study and I cherish my time with this great group of girls. Now, on to Leviticus.

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  1. Kate this could definitely be a reinforcement about what's going on with you demo-ing and presenting to clients. Like you said those are things you never thought you could possibly do and you're learning and growing from taking them on so much. THis is great to think about- I'll reflect as well! Love you