Sunday, May 1, 2011

Catmint, Veronica, and Coreopsis, Oh My!

Yesterday after my run with a friend, we spent the entire morning doing yard work.

Our front garden area was a mess! I spent the first few hours pulling weeds, raking the woodchips around, and replacing the crooked stones while David did the lawn mowing and weed eating.

Here's a before. Notice the random board in the middle (I have no idea what it's for..), the crooked stones, the weeds in the far section, and the lack of anything pretty (except the hummingbird feeder my adorable husband bought me last summer).

Here's a shot of the during phase. I had pulled all the weeds, lined up the stones, and placed the plants where the wonderful ladies at the Gardener's Fest advised me. They were so cute; they drew it out on paper and then laid the plants out and let me take a picture.

And after. Bo admiring our hard work! These are all small right now, of course.

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