Friday, May 13, 2011

Keep Your Hand Up

“Women systematically underestimate their own abilities.”
My team leader is an amazing woman, we work for an amazing boss who works for yet another amazing boss, and we work in an amazing company. I feel valued and encouraged. My team leader is a beautiful, busy, successful wife and mother of three. She is a room mother, a cotton candy maker, sits on a number of boards, the biggest fan of BOTH of her sons’ baseball teams. She knows every detail about her children. And she works long, hard hours and is great at what she does.
I felt the need to say all of that because I am very lucky and blessed to have strong women role models all around me. My sisters are strong, hard-working, brilliant women. They are well rounded. And they are great at what they do.
My mother is a saint. Since I can remember I have known that if I could be similar to my own mom when I grew up that I would be on the right track. She has made our family what it is. I remember her doing the laundry, cooking breakfast and dinner, packing our lunches, laying out our clothes for the next day, cutting coupons and grocery shopping. Did I mention that she was going to school full time and getting her master’s degree? Oh, and in the midst of all of that, making it to everything EACH of us had going on. I think Sister #1 would tell you our mom made it to every choir concert, Sister #2 would say our mom was at every basketball game, and Sister #4 would tell you our mom didn’t miss a game she danced at (and probably had Oatmeal Cream Pies in her pocket at the ready). My mom was my biggest fan when I announced I would be an astronaut. And then she drove me to Kansas City and back when I just knew I would be an actress. She didn’t roll her eyes when I wanted to switch colleges and majors AGAIN. She made funds appear from nowhere for each of us, whenever we needed them.
I have always been surrounded by beautiful and strong women. I have never doubted my ability to accomplish anything because I was a woman. My husband thinks I am brilliant and encourages me in whatever crazy idea I have that day. I have been nurtured and have never felt inferior.
And then, a few months ago, one man almost crushed all of that foundation. I implement electronic medical records in regional clinics for a health information exchange that just won part of a state bid as the choice in connecting the entire state. But this one man, refused to let me help him learn this EMR because I am a woman.
I am not complaining and I am not letting this one little man get to me. I am just thinking about how important it is to make sure that we continue to surround ourselves with strong women and motivate the women around us.
I love this little video clip. I think the statistics are scary and a good reminder. I love her tips and encouraging quotes. I also love that my boss, a man, emailed this to me with the following Subject line: Keep Your Hand Up.

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  1. Wow. I really forget that people like that still exhist. Jerk.