Friday, May 20, 2011

Bitter is the New Black...and Titles Like That

I have been so intrigued (okay…obsessed) with Harry lately that I completely fell behind on one of my favorite, funny, read this at the pool when you don’t want to think deeply, authors: Jen Lancaster. One of my cute friends at my first job introduced me to this hilarious writer, and hers was the first blog I ever read religiously. She is hysterical. I have referred many women on to her books, starting with Bitter is the New Black. They are the best books to cozy up with a warm and fabulous blanket and drink wine and laugh until it comes out your nose. I think I have told you about these books before; I give Ms Lancaster credit for being the first author to make me laugh out loud, embarrassingly.

This is one of those authors that I would probably really creep out if she knew how I talked about her. Because we are totally friends in my mind. (I also feel this way about Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, – yes I still refuse to see an Angelina Jolie movie and think she’s a horrible person – and Jessica Simpson. And yes, I know I’m crazy and ridiculous).

I revisited her blog today, feeling horrible that it’s been so long, to find that she has published her first novel! Do you think I have or haven’t already bought my copy?

So, here is her hilarious blog, and here is a place to order her new book:

(And just to clarify, she actually isn’t my friend so I’m not getting any credit for promoting her blog or books – I just really do think she’s that funny!

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