Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Girl in Translation

I started this book when we got home late last night from my Missouri Hospital Association conference at Tan-Tar-A at the Lake of the Ozarks. This conference was really wonderful and I learned a lot about Meaningful Use stage one and two. I wasn't sure that you would find this very interesting, but you might have to hear about it a little anyway, because like it or not, you are on this health care IT journey with me now. :)

However, for today, I wanted to leave you with a quote from the very first page of this interesting book. I stayed up way too late reading. I'm really loving it and have a lot to comment on, but for now I will keep my opinions to myself and let you think about this line.

"There's a Chinese saying that the fates are winds that blow through our lives from every angle, urging us along the paths of time. Those who are strong-willed may fight the storm and possibly choose their own road, while the weak must go where they are blown. I say I have not been so much pushed by winds as pulled forward by the force of my decisions."

Happy What I'm Reading Wednesday!

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