Monday, August 22, 2011


Today I woke up at 4:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep. Instead of fighting it, I just laid in the dark and thanked God for any and everything I could think. I started slow. I started with the things that I am slightly cranky about and worked them out in my mind until I was thankful. How could I be cranky about getting up early to run? I have the physical ability to do this. I have a husband who supports this habit of mine. I have a wonderful friend to run with. And I love it. I am so blessed.

On this run today my friend and I got about three miles in before we noticed just how black the sky was getting. We went about a block more before we realized it was serious. We started listing off the people we knew that lived around. If we went one more block we would be at my parent’s house. Two more and a mutual friend’s. A half mile and we would be back to our cars. We decided to quit and sprint to my parent’s house because in the time it took to make our lists it started sprinkling. And then it started raining. Sideways, cold, heavy, dark rain. And by the time we made it to my parent’s house it was storming.

In those few minutes my friend’s husband called to check on us, my friend’s dad hopped in the car and was searching our route, my parents were waiting for us on their porch, and my husband was in the car on his way to get us.

We were cold and soaking wet when we jumped in my husband’s warm car, and I thought back to a few hours before and added all of this to my list of blessings.

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