Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Day Before You

Right behind my computer screen at work is a picture of David and me at our rehearsal dinner and another of David and me dancing our first dance as Mr. and Mrs.
Today is our six month anniversary since that rehearsal and tomorrow marks our six month anniversary of marriage. Six months of me being a wife and him being a husband. And six months of making decisions and transitioning into a life with my best friend. I don’t know what exactly I expected in these first six months, but it wasn’t this.
Marriage to David has exceeded all of my expectations. Everyone kept warning us that these first months could be hard.  And we have been through some hard times, but I wouldn’t use the tone that most people use when they warn us about how hard it will be. We have had challenges, but what makes me not categorize these past few months as “hard times” are all the little ways that going through these times with the person you love makes them wonderful. Yes, even the hard times are wonderful when you are married to your best friend.
And before you start in on how we must have not hit these hard times yet and I’m just being annoyingly optimistic, let me tell you that we have been through difficult times, and all I’m saying is that it has been a blessing to go through these times with David – just as it has been such a blessing to go through the wonderful times with him. And we have had a lot of those!
Before we got married one of my bridesmaids asked me what I was most excited about. I said that I couldn’t wait to get to do everything I normally do, but to get to do those things with David. I would stick with that answer now, six months out. I love running errands with him, or watching a movie with him, or going out with our friends with him, or going to church with him, or working next to him in our yard. All of it. It’s all just more wonderful living my day to day life with David. Sister #1 sang "The Day Before You" at our wedding and I think I will listen to it on repeat for the next 48 hours.
Thank you for putting up with this mushy post and for being a huge part of our lives before our wedding, on that special day six months ago, and through these wonderful first six months!

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