Monday, August 8, 2011

Make the Most of Each Minute

Today I woke up early after staying up late and started thinking, almost immediately, about what all I had on my schedule for the day. Running, Work, Meeting, Lunch, Meeting, Work, Dinner with Fam, Bible Study, Bed. That's a pretty quick recap, but it's what I am facing today. And then I had a rush of excitement like it was Christmas morning. I don't know why it happened, but I thanked God for my excitement for the day and prayed that I could wake up more mornings with that feeling. I decided that today I was going to make the most of each minute. I didn't lay and think about how tired I was because I stayed up too late reading or how I was a little mad at Bo for waking me up at 5:20 when I wanted to sleep until 5:50. I just was happy to lay there, thanking God for my silly dog, my warm bed with my warm husband next to me, and the ability to get up and run with a good friend.

I wanted to take a minute and wish the same for you. Today, I hope you are excited about everything on your to-do list. I know the economy stinks, I know our government let us down with our credit rating, and I know bad things are happening...really bad things. So today I hope you can find excitement in the little things around you. And I hope you have that second of Christmas morning excitement when planning your day.

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