Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Build Blitz

Yesterday my small group and I delivered a meal to the Habitat for Humanity volunteers. They are right now, as we speak (or read), building their 50th house in St. Joseph and celebrating their 15th year. This house is a build blitz that takes place, from beginning to end, in one week! So when you are saying your prayers of thanksgiving today, maybe you can add in a beautiful woman named Lynda who is joyfully working at Wal Mart to provide for her 5 year old and two grandchildren, and now will be a homeowner.

Here's us trying to contribute. We decided we might not be the best builders, but we CAN cook...or at least make spaghetti and cookies and buy the breadsticks from Fazoli's.

Step one: boil the pasta and put it in a big old pan.

Step two: add your homemade pasta sauce (or buy the huge jars from Sam's)

Step three: add lots and lotsa cheese! My favorite part.

(Picture from NewsPressNow)
Step four: Pray for Lynda, and click here to see how else you can help (

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