Friday, August 5, 2011


Last night after work I made jam. How domestic am I?

My friend is from Canada and she couldn't believe that I had never made jam. She almost died when I told her I wasn't even sure if I had ever actually eaten jam. I don't live on the prairie I told her, and I thought mason jars were for drinking beer or decorating with. She rolled her eyes and told me that jam is a staple in Canada and she would buy all the supplies and I was to come over after work.

Supplies. Tons of blueberries and tons of strawberries.

Blueberries after the blender.

My friend wiping off the rim so that they will seal probably.

Tons of strawberries into the blender.

Stirring. And lots of it. You have to stir...I believe it called for you to do this "vigorously"

There you are - jam for the year. Next week we are making peach.


  1. Wait, wait! It can't be that easy! You blend it, cook it, and jar it?

  2. Jess it really is simple! You put in the fruit, add 7 cups of sugar (omg I know!) and bring that to a boil. Then add one pouch of pectin for strawberry and two for blueberry and bring that to a rolling boil for one minute. Then jar very quickly. The jars are hot (must sterilize them and the lids!) and you pour in the jam and use one of those clampy things to hold the jar and tighten the lid. Done. These instructions come with the pectin.

  3. That looks amazing!! I wish I could stop by and we could chat and have some of that yummy jam! Miss you!