Sunday, July 31, 2011

We had a great day yesterday swimming at our friend's house. They are just a really fun and great family and we enjoy being around them.

I work with the husband, and now we have met his dad. His dad grows his own ingredients to make his own wine. We found this out one day when we were at a farm/yard supply store and his dad walks in carrying a grape plant and stands in front of a cashier who had just shut down for his shift. The cute old man just said, "oh no, go ahead and ring me up real quick." And the cashier did because this man is a regular. Plus, he's really cute.

We stopped him and said hello. This is when he told us that he makes his own wine and would bring us some. I always think these things are just one of those things people say in passing. But nope, he meant it. So when we went to swim with our friends yesterday, look what his dad had left for us.

How adorable is this?

Ron's "NEBOG" Mix. Not Enough Blueberries or Grapes. Too cute!

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