Sunday, July 17, 2011

Terroir and the beauty of learning what it is

My adorable husband and I spent the weekend in a place that I believe was a little bit like heaven. We are so blessed to have spent this weekend with my in laws, celebrating a beautiful cousin's marriage, on a gorgeous vineyard/winery/bed and breakfast. I have a million pictures to post and a million blessings to share. But right now I wanted to share a word, a feeling, that the little man who owns the vineyard explained to us on our tour.

Terroir(I think he said it like tare-why-uh)means everything that is a part of the land, the climate, the position of the grapes, the makeup of the soil, the position of the sun, etc. He explained it as everything that makes the wine what it is. Everything that goes into the development of that grape. Sitting there next to my husband and father in law, holding my cup of coffee just after a sunrise breakfast, on the wedding day of my beautiful cousin, I couldn't have been more filled with joy thinking about the terroir of my life. What amazing blessings have made me every bit of what I am today.

I will share pictures tomorrow. Have a beautiful Sunday soaking up the pieces of heaven that have gone into making you every bit of who you are (and I promise I'm not just drunk on all the wine).

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