Thursday, July 21, 2011

Final Potter Post...I Promise

Last night we met friends for dinner and then went to see Harry Potter. The final Potter. I have to say first off that I loved it. I have taken a different route than most people in reading these. I know that some people truly grew up with Harry, Hermione, and Ron. I didn’t. My mom took Sister #4 and me to see the first Harry Potter when it was new and I was 15. I hadn’t read the books or seen any of the movies since then. Until this February when, for some unexplainable reason, I decided I should read and see them all.
So I started my Harry Potter journey about ten years later than most. So I can’t imagine how it would have felt to spend ten years with these kids and grow with them. However, I did spend almost every night for five months with them. I read a book, watched the movie, started the next book. Straight through for those months.
I remember when the TV series Friends ended. It was the year I was graduating high school. It was such an odd feeling knowing that these “friends” I had spent ten years with, even though they were fiction, were ending. It’s just weird. I think anyone that has read along or watched a series or been devoted to a trilogy knows this feeling.
I thought the movie was wonderful. And I have said in a few posts that I won’t pick it apart and go on and on about how the books are SO much better (they are!), and instead I would just appreciate how great the movies really are. I mean, most movies that come from books are so horrible and miss so much. The Harry Potter movies really do a pretty good job I think. And I did really love the movie. Don’t forget that.
BUT.,…and this is a big BUT…I was a little disappointed about two major parts they skipped. If you haven’t read the books and plan to, don’t continue reading because this is a spoiler.
I really wish they would have had Harry walk away to the forest under his invisibility cloak and only told Neville about killing the snake, the way it was in the book. This was so symbolic and brave to me. That he knew his friends would try to stop him and he couldn’t stand to put them through any more pain than he already had. I guess it was more dramatic and provided more closure to let him tell Hermione good bye.
And I really wish that in the very last scene (HUGE spoiler alert, seriously, stop reading if you haven’t seen it or read it yet!) that Harry and Voldemort would have fought in front of everyone. I loved the way Harry validated how insecure and scared Voldemort was. He stripped him of his pride and exposed his cowardice. I didn’t feel that in the final scene of the movie. I actually felt weird about Harry killing him in private and then walking through the great hall. Really, no one even reacted when he walked by. Weird.
Okay, enough already. It was a wonderful, wonderful movie! And I will definitely see you in line the day it is released on video. Oh, and don’t tell my husband just how dorky I really am about this. I mean, he already knows, but he doesn’t realize I just posted my heart and soul out about my Harry phase truly being over.
It’s been fun. Thanks for sticking with me these past five months. And now, onward to the Hunger Games. I’m already on chapter four. Woops. Let the obsessions continue.

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