Friday, July 29, 2011

Being Flexible

As you all know, the past couple of months (wow, that's a long time when I actually type it out) have been a little difficult for my team here at work. We have all tried to stay positive and work hard. I think that all of this transitioning will be coming to an end soon, which is scary and exciting all at the same time. Scary because the team I have grown so close to over the past nine months will not be be working together. There are two open positions and four of us transitioning - you do the math. Exciting because I believe change is good. And that's good that I believe that since I think the saying really goes something more like, "change is inevitable." My little team of the transitioning four have been treated wonderfully by our company, and we couldn't feel more valued and encouraged at a time when a lot of companies would not think twice about letting us go.

But here's why I'm sad. I have this amazing friend and chances are we might not transition together. And I'm sad because she has been my mentor since I started (or maybe before I officially started and she started texting me about how excited she was for my start date!).

Like I said, we have all tried to stay positive - tried to be excited and not talk about the scary parts. We have been through some crazy personal things during this career change also, but we have all stuck together,  prayed for sick family members, brought meals or treats to each other's houses, celebrated Birthdays and new houses, and gone on countless coffee runs to get each other encouraged for the day. It really hasn't been that bad. And I know people go through this all the time, but it's been new for me.

Yesterday she brought me this framed quote from one of our favorite stores in town. I am going to keep it on my desk from here on out. And in the next couple of weeks as we all move on I will work hard to not be bent out of shape.

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