Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Comfort Food

I am almost finished with The Hunger Games and I have enjoyed it for so many reasons. I have gone through many emotions over the past three nights of reading it. And now I’m almost done with the first book and, similarly to Harry Potter, I’m feeling not ready to get to the end. I know there are two more books. But I’m not ready to know if something horrible is going to happen.
I found this quote relevant to hard times all of us go through and the need to persevere. I understand that Katniss is going through a time in her life that I will never be able to directly relate to (thank God), but I see her reasoning and will to go on as very relevant to each of our situations. I loved the part that she said, "Tomorrow I'll sort through the supplies. Tomorrow I'll make a new plan. But tonight, all I can do is strap myself in and take tiny bites of the bread. It's good. It tastes of home."
How many times have we felt like that? That maybe it would be easier to not go on. But if we can just give ourselves simple directions like this and get through each day, looking toward our plan for tomorrow, it will be okay. I love that she takes comfort in the simple bread. Bread is always symbolic to me. Religiously symbolic, nutritionally sustaining, and simple and comforting.
I love that through the hardest of times Katniss can make a plan for tomorrow and be reminded of home through something as simple as bread. When I think of home I think of my little blue house filled with David and Bo and also of Heaven. I hope that through our hardest of times we can have this outlook, to strap ourselves in, look toward the future, and be reminded of Home.

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  1. I am going to start reading Hunger Games! You and Abby have convinced me :)