Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesdays Are The Best!

I have always loved Tuesdays and today did not let me down. First of all, we have had my perfect little 5 year old nephew staying with us for the past three days and had so much fun. Our youngest nephew has been sick and in the hospital (but he is doing better and maybe comes home tomorrow), so we have been keeping the 5 year old and having a blast distracting him from worrying about his little brother and missing his parents. We went to the pool, made fun dinners, played fun games, and went to friends' houses. I miss him already!

Good thing we had our doctor's appointment to hear the perfect little heartbeat to distract us! I am now almost 18 weeks and the baby's heartbeat was perfect and strong. I am feeling better than I've been feeling and only get sick every few days instead of every day. I even have a little bit more energy I think. I have been having more cravings and much less aversions to food. I have been loving sweet potatoes and avocados. And I've gained 6 1/2 pounds up to this point. Everything is right on track, and in 3 1/2 weeks we get to have a sonogram and see our precious little one!

Also, today, our front deck was finished! Such a fun time for us.

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