Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Old Purple Dress

I had to post this picture, even though it's the middle of a week - 18 and a half - because the last time I wore this dress was to my wedding shower two years ago. I put it on and remembered that day perfectly. All day yesterday I thought about how two years ago I was engaged to this wonderful man and I thought my life was perfect. Don't get me wrong, it was. But now, putting this dress on over this bump, I can't stop smiling thinking about how if I had only known then how much better it was going to get..

Notice in the first two pictures, the lack of baby bump (and Sister #1 and then one of my best friends)

And now - woah baby bump!

My aunt wrote a book and it's called "The Best is Yet To Be." I think every time I wear this dress I will think about that phrase.

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