Monday, July 30, 2012

"Y'all Ready for This..."

Last Friday, on July 27th, we went to the doctor and found out that we have a perfect, healthy baby....GIRL! Can you imagine how overwhelmed with gratitude and relief we were to hear the doctor start in..."There's her heart and all four chambers, there's her bladder and it's full so we know her kidneys are working, there's her spine which is perfectly aligned..." and on and on. How many seconds into this appointment until both David and I couldn't stop crying? I'm going to be nice and say two.

And then, after we celebrated and thanked God together for our perfect baby girl, we went and told our family and close friends. And how overwhelming was that? I don't think I stopped crying from Friday at 3:20 until this morning. We are both completely overcome with joy. We love our friends and families so much, and to see them love this baby girl so much already is completely too much to handle.

Check her out for yourselves and tell me this isn't the cutest profile you have EVER seen.