Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pink or Blue!

I can't believe that next Friday we get to see our precious little one! We are excited to find out the gender if we can. Our appointment is at 3:30 on Friday. Is that going to be the longest work week, and especially longest day, or what? Oh my, how will I ever make it until 3:30 on Friday?

After our appointment we are going to have a gender reveal party with our small group and family members. Nothing big, just a cookout and relaxing. We asked people to wear pink or blue depending on their guess and I am going to have them sign a guessing sheet for the scrapbook. And then, I won't tell you exactly how we will announce the gender, but I can tell you it involves Bo and the picture below (so I guess you can figure it out - I'm not good with surprises. Hence the gender reveal party right after the appointment - we can't wait to share our news!).

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