Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Half Full

I love the part that says "Maybe it's because I rejoice over what I have and don't grieve over what I don't have." It's not about being a lucky person or having everything you love. I've always tried to make every situation the most positive and happy as possible. I love my life and I think it's because it's a wonderful, beautiful life, but I also think it's because I make it that way. Not everything is bright and shiny in my life at all times, but I try to make those pieces bright and shinier if I can. I have the best base. I love God and I love my husband. And I know my husband loves me. And somehow, those facts make everything else seem bright and shiny when they might not be otherwise. I love this part in Anna Karenina. Levin is having a hard time at this point, yet he focuses on what he does have when it would be so easy to be upset and down. He makes sure this spring day is the best it possible can be. I used to have a habit (some might call it an annoying one) that I would try to wake up thinking that this very day was going to be the best day ever. I think it's something to strive for.

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  1. I needed this last week:)
    It's so hard sometimes to pull yourself out of a negative mind set...but when you "let" yourself have a positive mind set it's hard to fall back into a negative one.